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Review: The Pride of the Peacock by Victoria Holt


The Pride of the Peacock by Victoria Holt
Description: Victoria Holt demonstrates her mastery once again in her most exciting novel set in turn-of-the-century England where a young woman grows up in the shadow of the great estate - and privileged way of life - that was once her family's birthright. But a unique inheritance compels Jessica Clavering to marry the owner of a fabled opal mine and leads her to faraway Australia. There she will discover the mysteries - and evil - surrounding the greatest opal ever found. There she must confront the danger that lust for the stone has aroused even in her own husband - and there she must find love.

My Review: Victoria Holt is the pen name of Eleanor Hibbert and she used this name to write romantic suspense. In my opinion, she's a queen of the genre. She weaves an intriguing tale and has little twists and turns to keep the reader guessing right up until the end.

The first half of The Pride of the Peacock takes place in England. Jessica Clavering doesn't fit in with her family. She feels like there is more to the story than just a major financial ruin, yet she doesn't know what that issue is. The old family home was purchased by a man, Ben, who spends most of his time in Australia, mining opals, until an injury brings him back to England. They meet and become friends and the family's secret is slowly unraveled. Ben makes a deathbed demand that Jessica and Ben's son, Joss, must follow through with. I loved this first part--the mystery and unlikely friendship were fascinating to me. I could visualize the setting and really came to feel for the characters and for their situations.

The second half takes place after the wedding--in Australia. I didn't enjoy this half quite as much, even though this is where the story comes full circle and is resolved. I felt that Joss and Jessica were childish and extremely stubborn. Neither one of them could make the first move to be at least friends. They seemed content to hold a grudge towards Ben, taking it out on each other. I wish that Joss, especially, would have grown up a little, since he was about 14 years older than Jessica and she was alone in a foreign country. I did like both of their determination and the bravery that Jessica showed, especially in some of the situations she was put in.

language--a few mild words
violence--mild (death, but nothing graphic)
romance--implied premarital relations (no details--very vague); kissing.


About the Author:
 Victoria Holt 
Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs. George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death. She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books; the best-known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt (56 million) and Philippa Carr (3 million). Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate. Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities.

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Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore Tour/REVIEW/Giveaway

Becoming Lady Lockwood Tour 

Becoming Lady LockwoodBecoming Lady Lockwood
Amelia Beckett is delighted to be a widow. Married by proxy to a man she'd never met, Amelia recognizes that a fortuitous entry into widowhood frees her from meddlesome chaperones and matchmakers. Heiress to her mother's sugar plantation in Jamaica, she happily anticipates working in a man's world, with the additional credibility of her new title: Lady Lockwood. But with the arrival of Captain Sir William Drake, her plans quickly go awry . . . William has traversed the Atlantic with one purpose. If he cannot prove that Amelia's marriage to his brother was a fraud, she will be entitled to a sizeable portion of his family's estate. He is determined to return this duplicitous Lady to London for an official hearing, and he carries with him a letter that will ensure her cooperation . . . Left with no choice, Amelia joins the captain on his return voyage to England, and the two quickly find that ship life does not allow for evasion. Amelia and William are ceaselessly thrown together, and amidst fierce storms and ocean battles, what began as antipathy seems to be evolving quite unexpectedly. But as they draw ever closer to their destination, will the impossibility of their circumstances shatter any hope of a future together?

Praise for Becoming Lady Lockwood
"Moore does a lovely job of showcasing sizzle in this must-read for fans of regency and historical romance." ~ Foreword Reviews

My Review
There's something very fun about a romance aboard a ship. The typical Regency romance takes place in England and it was refreshing to read about another place during this time period.

William is convinced that Amelia is a gold digger and isn't happy to have to retrieve her from her plantation in Jamaica to return her to England. He has an idea of what she's like and she proves him wrong at every turn. Amelia's marriage to William's brother is on paper and by proxy only. She has her plantation and doesn't want or need more.

Basically forced to leave her home, Amelia shows that she is willing to make the best of things. She is more than willing to help out aboard the ship--sewing sails, caring for the sick and injured, showing the cook new recipes, etc. She is completely unselfish and such a sweet character. I love the way Amelia is able to find common ground with those around her. She becomes dear friends with so many of the crew and is very personable. I love her strength and grit, especially in tough times.

I enjoyed watching William soften up. He's so used to ordering a crew around and being tough, yet kind and having a woman on board is a whole new experience. I loved watching the romance slowly blossom.

I experienced a lot of different emotions throughout the story and was engaged throughout. I thought it was a great story, especially for a debut novel!

Content: no language; some war-type violence/fighting with mild descriptions of death, blood, and injuries; mild kissing. I would consider it clean for an adult.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Excerpt #2
He finally stopped and pulled his chair closer to her, raising her chin. “Amelia. I cannot begin to thank you for what you did. It was brave and brilliant, and it terrifies me to think that you put your life at risk for—”
“For my shipmates, Captain.” She kept her eyes lowered.
“I would never have forgiven myself if anything had happened to you.” He wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumb.
“I would never have forgiven myself if I had not tried. These men, this ship, it has become . . . I care for them, William, for all of you.”
He raised her chin even higher, so that she was forced to lift her gaze his face. He stared at her for a moment. Then his eyes dropped to her lips, and Amelia’s pulse began to race. Would he kiss her again? They sat, frozen for a heartbeat, and then William stood, stealing with him all of the warmth in the room.

Jenny MooreAuthor Jennifer Moore Jennifer Moore is a Passionate reader and writer of all things romance, helping her find balance with the rest of her world, which includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that are anything but romantic. Jennifer has a BA in linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family. You can learn more about her at authorjmoore.com. The author's first book, Becoming Lady Lockwood, is a regency romance centered on the British navy during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 1800s.

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Trailer Reveal: Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above by Robert A. Polk

Anaiah Press is revealing the trailer for OPERATION TREE ROPER: AN EYE ABOVE by Robert Polk today and we have it here on the blog!


Twelve-year-old Declan Parker was born with only one eye, but all he seems to have trouble seeing in proper perspective is himself.  All he wants is for kids to see him as normal before he starts a new school in the fall. To that end, he sets out to make money helping with his dad’s tree care business.

Unfortunately, when his dad lands in the hospital after a climbing accident, Declan’s surgery hopes are wrecked. His only hope remains in a neighbor girl and her uncle, a wounded army veteran. Can they help him save his dad’s business, or will Declan’s once-courageous drive turn into total despair?

Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above is a well-crafted story about a strong, dauntless young man who redefines the value of self-reflection. Declan is a character you won’t be able to forget.

Welcome to your new favorite book...

Release Date:
October 7, 2014

Book Links:

Author Bio:

Robert Polk lives in western Nebraska where he shares his love of books and the great outdoors with his wife and seven children. He is a former school counselor, business owner, and tree climbing arborist. Robert participates in his church and local community, currently serving on several non-profit boards.

Author Links:
Website: www.stmercy.com

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Grand Finale: Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los

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email us at PrismBookTours(at)gmail.com with "Second on the Right GF" in the subject line.
Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los
A themed book tour through Prism Book Tours.

It's the Grand Finale for
Second on the Right
by Elizabeth Los

Did you miss visiting Captain Hook's storybook world? There's still time to go check it out!

14  - Launch - More about Second on the Right and Elizabeth Los
What do you hope readers will take with them when they read your book? 
I hope readers will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. I love books that take me on a journey full of twists and turns. If a reader gleans a message from the story, great! But otherwise, I just want it to be fun. I hope they find themselves liking Hook as I always have.

15 - Kelly P's Blog - Interview
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
James is my favorite character in Second on the Right and also the inspiration/reason why I wrote Second on the Right in the first place. I always felt there was more to Hook’s story than just what we find in Barrie’s version. What motivated him and pushed him to seek revenge on Peter Pan? Was it really just the loss of his right hand or was there more to it than that?

Coffee Books & Art - The Inspiration for Second on the Right
As for the title, Second on the Right, this is a nod to the original J.M. Barrie text. Most known the phrase as second star to the right, but in Barrie’s Peter Pan, it was actually "second to the right, and straight on till morning". I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write about Captain Hook if Barrie hadn’t written the story in the first place. So I felt it was only fitting to give a nod, multiple times in the novel in fact, to him and the original work.

Dividing by Zero - The Legend of Captain Hook
Said to be the only man Long John Silver feared, even the name “James Hook” is an alias. No one knows the true identity of the captain or where he came from. The man known as Captain James Hook has a cadaverous appearance, his pale face appearing as a spectral in the dark...

Musings of Immortals - Character Description of Captain Hook

16 - Sarah's StoryLines - Excerpt
Eileen woke with a start. Carefully, she peeled back the privacy sheet. A lump caught in her throat. The cabin door was open. She frowned. In the dim moonlight, a shadow stood just within the captain’s quarters. It moved. Her heart raced. She blinked, then stared. The dark silhouette glided silently. She watched, unbelieving. The shape loomed over the captain. She released the sheet.

17 - Mary Terrani.com - Character Description for Eileen

18 - The Wonderings Of One Person - The Mistral Thief
Captain Benedict’s ship is what is typically depicted of pirate vessels, a galleon ship... 
How does it compare with Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger?

Christy's Cozy Corners - Captain Hook's Crew of the Jolly Roger
Captain James Hook had a rather unique and, for the most part, loyal crew. The crew of the Jolly Roger was a lot of villainous pirates. But though they were a rough bunch and at times fear their captain’s temper, they were like family to James. Two specific men stand out among the group: Smee and Starkey...
"I had a hard time keeping my self interested in what was going on. But I am very glad I did. About half way through the story becomes so much better. It moves along quicker and keeps your attention until the end."

22 - My Devotional Thoughts - Buried Treasure and A Treasure You Can Search For
In the 1600s, a galleon ship, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, was caught in a hurricane off the coast of Key West. Supposedly, this one held an enormous cargo of gold, silver and gems. The original captain’s manifest claimed coins of different values, emeralds, boxes of gold and silver bars.

23 - Bookworm Lisa - How to Make Your Own Treasure Map
1) Think about what you want on the map. Lucky for James Benedict, his photographic memory came in handy when it came time to recall the directions to the island called Neverland...

24 - The Written Adventure - Real Life Paratey Adventure (Geocaching)
Geocaching is defined as the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website, i.e. modern day treasure hunting. Honestly, the definition doesn’t begin to describe the fun and excitement involved.

25 - Dalene's Book Reviews - Review
"I enjoyed reading this book, the author took on Peter Pan and does a good job with this rewrite of a classic story. The characters are well developed and written."

Beck's Valley Books - Interview
Is there anything you don't like about being an author?
Talking about myself ;) That’s not to say I don’t enjoy discussing Second on the Right and the characters in the story. I welcome any questions, comments or discussion involving my novel. But questions about myself? Ugh.

Second on the RightSecond on the Right
by Elizabeth Los
Adult Fantasy
Paperback, 506 Pages
May 9 2014

Spawned from an ancient promise, treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves. Bound by an invisible bond, they are thrust into a fantastical world of pirates and demons.

James Benedict is a just man haunted by evil. Pushed to the edge, everything stripped from him, a new man arises . . . a man whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it: "Captain Hook".

Eileen Davis was a timid woman. Through a fateful cruise she finds herself in the company of the Captain of the Mistral Thief. With his guidance, and the meddling of the local barista, she eventually finds her inner strength.

Will the two of them unite through time to fulfill the promise of their ancestors or will tempers ignite leading all to failure?

True love's magic is not to avoid changes,
But to navigate them successfully.
About Elizabeth Los

I began writing fan fiction short stories in 2010 as means of escape. Every night, after ten hours of work and once the children were finally tucked in bed, for the fifth time, I would sit at my laptop and let my imagination flow through my fingers. Typing over eighty words per minute, my stories quickly began to form from novellas into full length novels. I used writing as my therapy, my release for stress.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

- $20 Amazon gift card and an ebook of Second on the Right (INT)
- Signed print copy of Second on the Right (US Only)
- Ends August 3rd

Prism Book Tours

Reign of Shadows by Melissa Wright Excerpt Tour

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Join the Facebook party on Tuesday, July 29th
 by going here.

Read along with us on the EXCERPT TOUR for 
the third book in the YA/NA Urban Fantasy Descendants Series:
Reign of Shadows
By Melissa Wright

Reign of Shadows
(Descendants #3)
By Melissa Wright

Brianna can see her future, but it?s the past that haunts her. Plans laid in place centuries ago are threatening not only her and her sister, but all of the Seven Lines. As the shadows plot their way to old rule, the visions shift again. Her power has led to some hard choices?and the occasional stab wound?but this set of futures holds nothing but darkness.

Unable to bear the idea of losing the footing they've so recently gained, she turns the soldiers of the Seven. But with shadows hidden among the ranks, can she overcome the path they've set in place, or is she blindly following their lead?
Barnes & Noble - Smashwords - iTunes

Chapter Five Cont’d

He was suddenly standing, sure that Morgan would be able to at least give them a head start, but Brianna said, “No.”
“We’ll just talk to him. That’s all. We won’t make any decisions until we find out what Morgan has to say.” It wasn’t going to be easy, but they had Aern. And Aern had this new sway.
Brianna stood as well. “That’s not why you can’t go after him.” She’d been thinking about this for days, since before she’d known about Brendan. Since she’d realized what she and Emily were. She didn’t know if it was right, if it was the plan her mother had laid in place, but she wouldn’t be able to live with doing anything different. She had to protect them.
Logan was watching her, waiting. It was clear she wasn’t ready to make this decision. But she didn’t see any other way. “He’s too powerful, Logan. I have to help you.” She glanced at her hands. “I have to give you the tools to keep us all safe.”
It was not what he expected to hear. But Logan wasn’t a fool, and it didn’t take long for him to understand.
They were in over their heads.
There was more danger, something Brianna didn’t see them coming safely through. He stepped forward, eyes on her for a long moment before he asked in a low voice, “How bad is it?” At her hesitation, he said, “You have to tell me, Brianna. We need to know what we’re up against.”
She felt sick at the idea of what might come, at how bad it might get. She didn’t want to tell him that, didn’t want to say that it was all about to be torn away from them. But he was right, they had to know.
“They’re shadows,” she said. “They’ve got every power you’ve ever dreamt of. And they’re coming for us.”
Brianna sat alone in the dim light of the sitting room, ankles crossed under the edge of the chair. Her hands rested on her lap, tattoos staring up at her, a faint glow gathering over the center of her palms. It wasn't bright, not entirely real, but instead more like a tracer, like the trail of a sparkler, fleeting and half-there. She knew only she could see it. She and the other shadows. Whatever this otherworldly aura was, the human eye couldn't detect it, and the Seven were closer to human than shadow. Her power hummed through her, more tangible than the visions of light.
There was a soft click across the room, Logan entering behind her, and she drew back the power. She needed to use it, to learn to control and strengthen it, but she needed to hear Logan more, to see what he'd found out. And using the power exhausted her.
He stepped up behind her, hands wrapping over her shoulders to massage away the tension, and she leaned into him, tilting her head back.

The other books in the Descendants Series

Shifting Fate (Descendants Series, #2)Shifting Fate
(Descendants #2)
by Melissa Wright

There is a teaser posted here and the first chapter posted here, but beware, it's full of spoilers from the first book.

Purchase from Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and the Book Depository. Can also purchase in audio at iTunes and Audible.

Bound by Prophecy
(Descendants #1)
by Melissa Wright

You can read an excerpt of Bound by Prophecy here.

Get the ebook for FREE on Nook and Kindle. Can also purchase from the Book Depository, and in audio at iTunes and Audible.

About the Author

Melissa Wright is the author of the Frey Saga and the new Descendants series. Melissa spends her time working on novels, but when not writing she can be found on Goodreads and Pinterest.

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Review: The Dreamosphere by Laura Stoddard


Publication: July 2014, Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, 208 pages
My Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

What if dreams don’t disappear when we wake up? Haunted by her younger sister’s death, and her unwitting role in the incident, 11-year-old Gwenevere Stoker takes solace in the Dreamosphere—a dimension where all dreams still exist. But when someone begins destroying her dreams, Gwen must find the culprit—or risk losing all her happiness forever. Bask in the mystery and imagination of dreams in this touching, funny, mind-bending children’s tale that encompasses themes of grief, friendship, family, healing, and grand adventure!
My Review
This is a very creative story. Dreams are really strange things and the dimension where dreams exist in this case, was fascinating! The orbs, strands, webs...it was a very inner-woven, detailed area. There were ideas that really sparked my imagination. A lot of thought went into this one, that's for sure!
Gwen is 11 years old and for me, personally, that was a problem. I have an 11 year old and granted, he's not as mature as some kids his age, but there is no way he would connect the dots to this mystery the way Gwen did. She seemed far older than 11 to me, which made it harder for me to relate. When I tossed that aside, I was able to get into the story more. 
Gwen is having a hard time moving past her sister's death. For two years, she's wallowed in grief and guilt and is a very angry, surly person. This mystery really seemed to help her deal with things, but she has to solve it before it's too late--for her and for those around her.
I have to admit--with an 11 year old main character, I was expecting a simpler mystery and solution, but this one had some real twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. I really enjoy being surprised and was happy to find myself feeling that way.  I love the friendships that were made and the relationships that were healed.
Content: fantasy elements that may be scary for really young readers, but I can't remember anything of note to worry about. Clean!

"What do you think happens to your dreams after you wake up?"
Gwen shrugged distractedly, too disoriented by her sudden arrival in the remarkable setting to focus. "I dunno. They disappear?"
The unblinking gray eyes of her young companion flashed as she leaned forward. "Incorrect. Every dream you've ever had still exists. All of them. They reside in a dimension called the Dreamosphere. It's where we are right now, as a matter of fact. Each dream basically exists as its own world, or dream-orb. There are thousands and thousands of them, connected like drops of dew on a gigantic spider web. Every dream you've ever had, Gwen. They're all up here. And you can visit them any time you want."
Tabitha, the enigmatic child who shares this information, has some even more shocking news. Gwen’s dreamosphere is in danger. Someone has been hacking into it—destroying her dream orbs, erasing pieces of her past, and affecting Gwen in more ways than she realizes. Together, Gwen and Tabitha travel through the outlandish landscape of Gwen’s dream worlds to find the person responsible. What will happen to Gwen when all her dreams are gone? What critical clues lie within the pages of her dream journal? And what does Edgar Allan Poe have to do with it all?

Goodreads  ||  Amazon  ||  Barnes & Noble  ||  Cedar Fort

About the Author
Laura Stoddard was born in Idaho and spent her formative years running amok in the great outdoors. She received her bachelors degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. After being rejected from the masters program for creative writing she decided that she didn't need a masters degree to tell her she could write, so she started really dedicating her time to finishing the story she'd started months earlier, with the goal of writing a complete novel, and getting it published. The result is her debut novel, The Dreamosphere, for which her own vivid, bizarre, and incomprehensible dreams provided the inspiration.  Laura is an adrenaline junkie and will try anything once--or twice--or maybe three times. She can already check whitewater rafting, going down in a shark cage, and skydiving (three times) off of her list. Oh, and getting Lasik. It was five minutes of terror. She enjoys hiking, rowing, reading classic literature, embarking on new adventures and hobbies, volunteering regularly, and spending time with family. She currently resides in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Review: The Practical Prepper by Kylene and Jonathan Jones

The Practical Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies 
The Practical Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies by Kylene and Jonathan Jones
Published: July 2014, Cedar Fort Inc, 368 pages
My Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Description: Earthquakes, hurricanes, civil unrest, economic challenges - no one knows when disaster may strike. Will you be ready? The Practical Prepper is a common-sense guide to emergency preparedness and survival written for real people with real lives. This must-have reference book walks the reader through each step of emergency preparedness covering everything from cooking in a crisis, to home security and protection, to emergency water disinfection. You can be prepared for the challenges the future holds. The Practical Prepper will show you how.

My Review: This book starts out with the categories that people fit into. Unfortunately, I think I'm a "Target Painter." I know that disasters and bad things happen, but I don't want to think about it. I get overwhelmed with the thought of preparing for such events. This is a great book in that it outlines exactly what you need to do, what supplies you need, how to use and store items, and any and all other information relating to this. 

Each type of natural disaster is outlined. I loved that feature, since I can look up what is common in my area and know what to do to prepare and where to look for more information. There were disasters mentioned that never even occurred to me--solar flares, nuclear hazards, etc. Checklists are included for the reader to use. 

I loved the section on communication and the lists that were included in that part. There are step-by-step instructions on what to do, some things that I never thought about. I loved the personal examples that were included because it made it easier to visualize.

I think my biggest problem with preparing is knowing where to store everything. Where do I put 6 72-hour kits? A huge water supply? Food storage? Extra gasoline? Not to mention, all of our documents and valuables? A lot of innovative suggestions for just such dilemmas were brought up. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to become better prepared. 

Goodreads  ||  Amazon

About the Authors:
Provident Prepper 
Kylene has an educational background in business management as well as in family studies. She has also served on the advisory board and on the board of directors for TACDA and is currently the editor for The Journal of Civil Defense. She has a passion for researching and experimenting, adding a sense of real life to their writing and teaching. A firm believer in hands-on learning, she involves her family in emergency training for everything from fire drills, to living off food storage and garden produce, to turning off the power in the dead of winter just to see if they can survive it. Many powerful lessons are learned from these experiences, the best lesson being that we are tougher than any challenge. We will not only survive, but we will emerge better, stronger people as a result of the adventure.

Jonathan is a licensed civil engineer and an avid enthusiast of alternative energy sources; especially solar and wind power. He has served on the advisory board and on the board of directors as vice president for The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA), as secretary/treasurer for a local chapter of Civil Defense Volunteers, as an emergency preparedness and communications specialist, and as a city councilperson, has been tasked with developing the city emergency plan in his own community. He has co-authored numerous articles published in The Journal of Civil Defense on emergency preparedness topics with his wife. He is the co-owner of Your Family Ark, LLC, an educational and consulting business designed to assist individuals and families in preparing for an uncertain future (www.yourfamilyark.org, www.theprovidentprepper.org).
Jonathan and Kylene make a dynamic combination. Together they have presented in a wide variety forums including; community education courses, educational seminars, preparedness fairs, employee education programs, and community classes. With Jonathan's extensive knowledge and Kylene's high energy personality, they have a unique talent for taking a relatively boring topic and turning it into an exciting quest, motivating audiences to join the ranks of the Provident Preppers.

 Goodreads  ||  Website  ||  Twitter