Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review: A Blind Eye by Julie Daines

****--4 stars

From the cover: Seventeen-year-old Christian Morris decides the only way to save himself from his father's neglect is to run away from home. On his way out of town, he finds a stowaway hiding in his car—Scarlett, who has been kidnapped from London. Blind since birth, Scarlett has developed a sixth sense: she dreams about someone’s death before it happens. And now, she has dreamed about her own.

Christian’s attempt to leave home turns into a race to save Scarlett from death by scientific experimentation. His growing relationship with the girl helps him to look past his own blindness and confront the truth about his father. But first, he must find the kidnappers before they can get to Scarlett.

My review: Christian wavers between being old for his years and acting his age. On one hand, he'll do about anything to feel loved by his father and on the other hand, he reacts to situations in a very grown up way. Scarlett is like Wonder Woman. I guess if a person was blind from birth, she would be pretty fearless, but the thought of trying to escape and run and avoid dying, all while not being able to see a thing is pretty scary, yet it didn't faze her too much.

I thought the suspense and mystery elements were really good, even though the story was pretty short (less than 200 pages). I never felt cheated until the very end--it seemed to resolve a bit too fast for me.

Jay seemed like a really good friend, but didn't play a big part in the story. I would have liked to have him more developed and a part of things, especially since he was supposedly a big part of Christian's life. I also wasn't very satisfied with Christian's relationship with his father. There were hints that he cared, yet I didn't see that and would have liked to have seen that flesh out more.

And last, but not least, I love how the chapters were titled.

Content: murder (not much detailed description).

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