Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Review: Lovestruck Summer by Melissa C. Walker

***--3 Stars.
Publication: May 2009
Length: 272 pages.

Priscilla, aka Quinn, if off on a summer adventure right after graduating from high school. She moves to Austin, TX to intern at a music label and lives with her sorority-crazy cousin. Quinn has the ideal summer fling lined up in her brain, but things don't go quite as planned in reality.

I liked how individual Quinn is--from her hair to her clothing to her type of music. She isn't influenced by the norm. I also liked how her new neighbor got her to branch out a little to get the full experience of Austin.

A light, fluffy, summer read. I still feel young at heart, but sometimes these books are just a tad too fluffy for an "older" reader like me. They are cute, but the characters aren't super developed, so if you're looking for mindless brain candy, this is one for you.

Content: mention of hooking up and teen partying, but no details given.

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