Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: A Longtime (and at one point illegal) Crush by Janette Rallison

*****--5 Stars.
February 2013, 59 pages.

Book Description: From the day Elsie’s big brother brought his friend Kye McBride over to their house, Elsie adored him. When she was eight she secretly blew kisses to him. When she was twelve she sat on the stairs, unnoticed, and watched him escort another girl to prom. When she was a senior in high school, she walked into math class and found out he was her new math teacher.

With that much emotion fueling her, things were bound to go wrong. And they did. Elsie not only spent the last two weeks of school avoiding him, she turned avoiding-Kye-at-all-costs into her life-long philosophy.

Now three years have passed and Elsie has come home for her brother’s wedding. She’s got to face Kye-–hopefully without getting crushed again.

My Review:  There is something about Janette Rallison's stories that I just LOVE!! They're clean, fun, and absolutely adorable.

I loved Kye. He was kind and a real gentleman, even when he was a teenager. Elsie is a typical girl--pretty insecure about herself and always scheming up ways to get the guy to notice her.

This story had the potential to be creepy in a creeper-ish sort of way, not a horror story way, but wasn't at all. Kye is a few years older than Elsie and at one point, was her math teacher. Of course, being the guy that Kye is, nothing much happened during that time.

My only complaint with this one is that it was way too short!! When I find an author or a story I really love, I just don't want it to end and this one was more of a novella, so it was really too short for me. It is definitely worth the .99 if you're a Janette Rallison fan.

Content: an almost attack; kissing.

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