Monday, July 8, 2013

Flashback Book Series Review: Sunfire Romances from the '80s

****--4 Stars
 When I was in middle school, I discovered these Sunfire Romances and absolutely loved them!! I put a link for only one of them--there were probably 30+ available. What I really loved about them was:
  • They were always centered around an important time or event in history. I felt like I learned something, but in a fun way.
  • They always had a love triangle.
  • The girls in the stories were all so different, yet so strong and brave.
  • They were all written by a variety of authors.
  • I loved that the names of the books were simply the name of the heroine for that story.
I have some friends who hate the love triangle angle (ha, that sounds funny) in a book, but I like it. Even when I love both guys and can't decide who the heroine should go for, I enjoy that aspect. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I like it because I've been a part of a love triangle a couple of times back in the day and I was always the girl who lost out. No worries--I did get my own story and my happily ever after...eventually. These books are also great for a reader who enjoys clean romance and fluff reading.

I believe these books are all out of print now, but I've seen them here and there at thrift stores or online for cheap.

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