Friday, August 2, 2013

Book Review: Second Chances by Melanie Jacobson

****--4 Stars
March 2013, 272 pages.

Description: After walking out of a thankless job at a prestigious marketing firm, feisty California entrepreneur Louisa Gibson is going into business for herself. Lou’s pioneering venture, The Mormon Bachelor, is a reality dating web series sure to be fabulous advertising for her new marketing firm. And as a bonus, she can solve a problem close to home: while Huntington Beach is crawling with eligible, sun-bronzed Saints, they’ve forgotten the vital skill of dating. Lou hopes the reality show will finally inspire this group of hangout enthusiasts to pair off. But shortly before filming begins, the unthinkable happens—Trentyn, a.k.a. The Bachelor, gets a girlfriend. And Lou needs a new leading man—fast.
Enter Nick, Lou’s devastatingly handsome ex-boyfriend. He’s the stereotypical actor: shallow, self-serving . . . and perfect for the job. A whirlwind of dating ensues, with Nick at the center of it all. Things are going according to plan—that is, until Lou is forced to step in as a substitute bachelorette, becoming an unwitting cast member on her own show. Despite Nick’s attempts to reestablish their friendship and the growing spark between them, Lou is determined to keep her distance. The show must go on—but what’s a girl to do when the Mr. Wrong of the past just may be the Mr. Right of the future?

My Review: I've said this before and I'll say it again: There's something about competition dating that is so fascinating to me, yet I don't watch The Bachelor. Maybe I should? I really liked this one because everyone had standards and it was done in a very nice way. In some of the others I've read, the contestants are sooo mean to each other, but this one showed maturity and kindness, which was very refreshing to me. And who doesn't deserve a second chance? I'm a big believer that sometimes you can find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right but the timing's all wrong. Enter second chances.

Nick is Louisa's ex-boyfriend, but when the real Mormon Bachelor suddenly finds love just before this web show starts, she's desperate to find a replacement and asks Nick for the favor. Lou is a very organized, almost OCD, person who learns some very important lessons along the way. Nick is great!! He had so many opportunities to bash the girls or to sabotage the show, yet he proved he is a true gentleman and acted in a very mature way. He went through some crazy dates and situations and handled it all very well. The characters are true to the author's formula--witty, cute, and a lot of fun.

I really enjoy this type of book because it's fun, clean, and not preachy, yet religion is mentioned a little.

Content: clean.

If you want to check it out, click here.

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