Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: Psyched by Juli Caldwell

May 2013
Source: amazon ebook
Rating: ****--4 Stars

Amazon Description:

Aisi Turay has it all under control.

At least, she thinks she does. Forget that the most popular girl in school hates her guts and will stop at nothing to embarrass her. Forget that her little brother is tormented by the ghosts and demons she sees all the time. Forget that her mom is a con artist who pretends to be psychic to make some cash. Forget that her dad is hiding a secret than can destroy everything she knows about herself. Nope, she's got this one...until that one awful day when she nearly loses it all.

With ghost-hunting hottie Vance, a guy who stumbled into her life at the worst possible moment, Aisi must search for the messages hidden in visions and memories to protect her family. Maybe, just maybe, they can reclaim what she thought was lost forever.

My Review:
I thought this story was a very creative and interesting way to portray psychics. Aisi has a rough home life and is trying to keep her life together the best she can. Her mom almost seems depressed, or crazy, or both and she has to almost be a mother to her younger brother, Leo. I kept wondering why she just didn't go live with her dad--wouldn't that be easier? He obviously cared more than her mom seemed to. I thought it was funny that her mom pretends to be psychic and that Aisi really is.

I loved it when Aisi showed Monica what was what in the locker room.

When Vance and Colby came to town, I just knew things were going to change and start happening...and that hopefully mysteries would be solved. I really enjoyed the way Juli Caldwell wove all of these pieces into the story and tied it all together. I thought it was very well done.

Just a side note, I'm not a big fan of demons and the like, but it was over-the-top crazy. It all worked.

Content: may be a little scary for younger readers, but otherwise clean.

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