Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cover Reveal: Falling For You by Krista Lynne Jensen

I LOVE Krista Lynne Jensen's books and guess what? She has a new one coming out in February 2014!!

Here's the cover--isn't it lovely?

And the blurb:
Elizabeth Embry has traveled the world, been there, done that, lived a life of glamour... and fear. When an old colleague offers her a new career opportunity in the sleepy ski town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she feels an excitement she barely understands.The two-week trial period is anything but the private getaway she hopes for. Elizabeth finds herself booked in the honeymoon suite of a woodland bed and breakfast, where her hosts greet her like family and her protected private life is as read as the complimentary morning newspaper.But her friend is scheming and the handsome owner is aloof, drawing Elizabeth into a place she never thought she wanted to be. A place she knows she doesn't deserve.Ryan Brennan is alone, raising his children, running the inn, keeping up walls to protect himself from betraying the promise he made his wife, even five years after her death. He does not welcome Nancy Colette's matchmaking, nor can he get the guarded Elizabeth Embry out of his head. But as events keep throwing Elizabeth in his path, he catches glimpses of who she really is and finds himself wanting to know more.As two individuals struggle to find if there is more to living than their past, the people around them conspire to bring them together... to bring them home.

I really can't wait for this one. :)

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