Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kissing Santa by Heather Horrocks

May 2013, 147 pages. My Rating: *****--5 Stars.
It was supposed to be just an innocent kiss at a charity kissing booth—but it turned out to be fireworks.

‘Volunteered’ to dress as Santa, firefighter Zeke Pepper is blown away by the kiss and feels he may have met The One, but school teacher Hannah Cooke is still trying to win back her high school sweetheart Jackson.

When Zeke runs into Hannah on Christmas Street, they make a deal: In exchange for him making her ex jealous at a New Year’s Eve party, she agrees to go on three dates with Zeke.

It seems like her plan to win Jackson back is working perfectly—but Zeke has other plans. Could she be falling in love with the wrong firefighter?

My Review:
Who wants fireworks when she could have sparklers? Hannah, that's who. When she is pushed into kissing a Santa at a fundraiser, sparks fly and Hannah isn't comfortable with that.

I loved the chemistry that Hannah and Zeke had together. I loved how hard she tried to stay away and push him away, but how hard it was for her to do. I really loved watching her realize what she wants and it was soooooo sweet how she went about getting it. These two are a perfect match.

I thought the supporting characters were almost as great as the main characters. I couldn't stand the slimy Jackson; I adored her best friend; and loved Cheyenne (the sister).

I also enjoyed seeing characters from the previous novel show up in here. Even though they showed up, this novella can stand alone.

Content: kissing; clean.   

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