Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska by Loree Lough

2011, 320 pages, borrowed from the library. ****--4 Stars.

Blurb: A former marine is no match for the elfish Samantha Sinclair. Self-admitted scrooge Bryce Stone returns home to the town where it's perpetually Christmas. When he hires a young woman to run his family's holiday boutique, it becomes a battle of wills.

My Review: First of all, I must mention that I picked this book up expected a cute holiday story and instead was surprised to find it takes place during the summer. However, summertime and anytime is the time to celebrate Christmas in North Pole, Alaska. They play carols 365 days a year; all of the shops and stores are Christmas-themed and sell Christmas souvenirs; there's a big, giant Santa in town. Okay, the picture is clear. Even though there wasn't a mountain of snow, there was still enough of the Christmas feel to make me appreciate it during this time of year.

Sam sells everything, buys an RV, and moves to Alaska. I loved her sense of adventure and her spunky personality. She's definitely not perfect--forgets to do important things--but she is very compassionate and knows exactly how to handle difficult situations.

Bryce has had a hard life and is therefore a pretty tough guy--very rough around the edges. Yet, Sam somehow softens him up. She isn't afraid to treat him the way he wants to be treated, and deserves to be. He's a protector and provider and takes his roles in life very seriously.

I loved Aunt Olive! I was happy to see that this was a two-fold romance and was satisfied with the ending.

Content: there are some Christian elements, but it's not preachy; kissing. Clean.

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