Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review: Drops of Gold by Sarah M. Eden

Drops of Gold (The Jonquil Brothers #2)

January 2013, 192 pages. My Rating: *****--5 Stars

Blurb: Drops of Gold: A Regency Romance Layton Jonquil has spent the four years since his wife's death in the isolated sanctuary of his home, Farland Meadows, with only his daughter Caroline. Mary Wood, a flame-haired, out-spoken, overly-cheerful governess descends on the household changing both their lives and unearthing secrets Layton would rather remained buried and forgotten. Can one woman bring love back into a house too long without it and reclaim a heart too long broken to heal?

My Review: 
What a fantastic book!!! I loved the storyline and the relationship between Mary/Marion) and Caroline. And of course, the relationship with Layton. :) This book really drew me into the 1800s and the lives of these characters. I love seeing the characters from some of the other books make appearances and to get to know them in a different way.

Mary/Marion is penniless and has nowhere else to go--except to get a job as a governess. She lies to get the job and when she shows up, they act like they don't want her. Her charge, Caroline, is a bit young for a governess, but they hit it off so well that Layton can't bear to send her away.

I seriously cannot wait for another book about another brother to come out--these are so much fun!! So romantic; so clean; such favorites!!!  

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