Friday, February 21, 2014

FREE on Friday: Mr. Wrong by Alivia Anderson

Mr. Wrong by Alivia Anderson is FREE on Amazon today!

Published: September 2013
Length: 210 pages

Sometimes the only choice you have--is Mr.Wrong.
All Sara Fairbanks wants is to marry her missionary.
All Beau Hennings wants is to start a new life.
When she and Beau—accidentally—kiss, three days before her missionary comes home, Sara is more confused than ever.
Good thing Sara's BFF comes up with a plan to date Beau...and the the same time.
Too bad the plan falls apart when her missionary tells her he’s transferring schools and Sara sees Beau out with another woman.
When the truth about the past surfaces, Sara has to make a choice; trust in the Lord or face Mr. Wrong.

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