Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Rebel Princess by Janice Sperry

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The Rebel Princess Published: June 2014, Cedar Fort Inc., 156 pages
My Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Meet the upside-down fairy-tale princess! Raven Perilous is not nice because nice princesses get locked in towers. When Prince Charming shows up, Raven—who is not in distress—decides to show him who’s boss. This enchanting adventure, filled with magic forests and mystical creatures, will captivate fans of fairy tales everywhere!

My Review:
Raven is not your typical princess and as much as I love princesses, this was refreshing! I loved the way Raven is so confident in herself and how she tries so hard to help herself before asking for help. She isn't helpless and meek at all. The love-hate relationship between Raven and her twin brother, Edgar, is great! They're so different from one another, yet really there for each other when it counts.

One day, a new boy shows up in school--Eric Charming and Raven decides instantly that he's her nemesis. I felt a little sorry for Charming. I loved his "true love." The twists added to the classic characters who showed up in the adventure were a lot of fun. Things can have more than one way to end and this really proved that.

This is a perfect middle grade book for those readers who love good, clean, adventurous fun.

Content: no language; mild fairytale-type violence; no romance. Clean!

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About the author:
Janice Sperry 
Janice Sperry lives in Utah with her husband and three children and evil cat.  She enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school and is exceptionally good at finding missing shoes, unless they are her own. You can follow her blog here.

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