Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Love Unexpected: With All My Heart

Love Unexpected: With All My Heart 

Published: February 2014, Covenant Communications, 176 pages

My Source: I borrowed a copy from the library

Discover the extraordinary magic of love with heartwarming novellas from three of today’s bestselling romance authors . . .

Hanging by a Moment—Krista Lynne Jensen
Kendal Johnson-Bauer needs a break. After a year on her own, Kendal is in desperate need of a getaway, and the British Virgin Islands provide the ideal escape from reality. She is ready for sun, sand, and relaxation—but what she’s not prepared for is an unexpected encounter with Bret—the one who got away. Even years after their college friendship, the old romantic tension is still there . . . but is Kendal really ready to love again?

A Raven’s Heart—Anita Stansfield
London, 1869: Stella Hollingberry has reached an unhappy fork in the road, and her meager options seem to spell certain misery. Should she marry for security rather than love or be consigned to hard labor in the factories? Just when she feels hope slipping through her fingers, Stella is stunned to receive the news that she is the heiress of Ravenswood—the estate, it seems, is to be her salvation. Little does she know that it is not only freedom that awaits her there, but also a most unexpected love. . . .

Count My Heart—Sheryl C. S. Johnson
A series of bumps in the road has led Trisha Pearson here: struggling with her most unique predicament yet and desperate for assistance, she relies on the aid of a helpful—and handsome—stranger. Nate Arden is just in town on business, but he’s more than happy to help a damsel in distress—especially one so beautiful. . . . When the two part ways after their misadventure, they assume it will be forever. But when chance brings her charming knight in shining armor back into her life, Trisha realizes that the twists and turns of fate may just lead her to happily ever after. . . .

My Review: 
I enjoyed the way each story was so different, yet they had a common thread. I loved the tropical setting in the first story and loved the way Kendal shed her insecurities. The second story was a historical fiction and it was fun to see how strong Stella was, considering her situation. She had such a kind, good heart. I loved the twist at the end. The third story was fun because it took place in my hometown! I thought this one was funny in places and it really engaged me. I loved the tension between Trisha and Nate. All three stories were fun and clean--I just wish they would have been longer.

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