Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: The 2-Minute Marriage Project by Heidi Poelman

The 2-Minute Marriage Project: Simple Secrets for Staying in Love by Heidi Poelman
Published: August 2014 by Familius, 140 pages
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Marry the one you love and love the one you marry. It sounds simple enough. But staying in love turns out to be a whole lot different than falling in love. In a world of constant distraction, marriage experts agree that the little things matter a lot. "The Two-Minute Marriage Project" explores the little things couples think, say, and do to stay in love for the long haul. Supported by expert studies, interviews with happily married couples, and years of personal experience, author Heidi Poelman shares the simple secrets that keep love alive. Whether it s choosing an attitude of gratitude, leaving a love note, giving a welcome-home hug at the door, or calling just to say hello, "The Two-Minute Marriage Project" is full of simple ways to love the one you married, two minutes at a time."

My Review: I really enjoyed the ideas that this author presented. It's the little things that matter and really count. Those little things are doable and aren't overwhelming. There were some things that really hit home for me. She talks about how hard life can be on a marriage when you add kids to it--so much time is spent dealing with kids, work, housework, etc that not a lot of energy is left to spend on marriage, but it's very important to make time. 

Research and statistics, as well as expert opinions and personal experiences, are used to support the concepts in the book. It really is simple and doesn't take much time--just some effort and consistency. It's often just being observant and taking action; it can be taking time to stop and think before speaking; or it can be thinking of your spouse before yourself that can help you see improvements.

I loved the way each chapter was broken down into categories. Each chapter focused on certain aspects of marriage and ended with a summary of things to work on--short, easy little things. I really believe that using these can help strengthen a marriage and I've had fun trying some of these ideas out in my own marriage.
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The author, Heidi Poelman, and her husband, Scott.

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