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Review: I Belong With You (Book 2) by Shannon Guymon

I Belong With You (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #2) 

I Belong With You: Book 2 in the Love and Dessert Trilogy by Shannon Guymon
Published July 2013, 280 pages
Source: I got it for free on Amazon (it was free at the time)

Description: Kit Kendall moved to Fircrest with her sisters, Layla and Jane in the hopes of starting over. Baking bread instead of painting is quite the transition but she's never been happier in her life. Too bad life has a habit of throwing her curve balls and Rob Downing, the owner of the Iron Skillet might just be too much to handle. She's not sure whether or not she should catch him or throw in her mitt. Especially when Hunter shows up and decides she's the woman for him. As Kit tries to figure out what her heart has been telling her all along, the bakery comes under attack from a saboteur intent on ruining Belinda's Bakery. With Layla and Michael's wedding only weeks away, they're determined to find the culprit because no one's getting in the way of this happy ending.
My Review:  I absolutely adore this series and love these sisters! This story is about the second sister, Kit. Kit is a very beautiful woman and is happy with her new life as a bread baker. She's had a thing for restaurant owner, Rob, but he's being a jerk--and she's done with jerks. Her future brother-in-law sets her up on a blind date for his and Layla's wedding dinner and she's not very impressed--until she digs under the exterior to see what he's really like inside. A mystery surfaces when Kit is attacked and they're all determined to solve it.

Kit impressed me--she's used to getting what she wants, yet she never seemed happy before. This move has really softened her and opened her up to what's truly important. I enjoyed watching her evolve throughout the story and instead of just sitting back and waiting for things to come to her, she takes the initiative to make things happen. I love how protective these sisters are towards each other. 

I really liked Rob before, but now, I'm not so sure. I loved getting to know Hunter. He's the type of guy who is who he is, yet he wants more and he's trying way too hard. I love it when he relaxes and is just himself. He's such a great guy with so much to offer. I love how devoted he is to the things (and people) he loves.

This is another great addition to a fun, romantic series. I just can't get enough of it!

Content: no language; mild violence; lots of clean, romantic kisses. Clean!

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About the Author:
Shannon Guymon 
In the fourth grade, Shannon Guymon wandered into the school library and figuratively never came out again. She decided one day to take her love affair with the written word once step further and wrote her first novel, Never Letting Go of Hope.
Shannon grew up all across the United States but has finally found her home in Utah, where she lives with her six children. She enjoys the mountains, gardening, being with her family, and, of course, writing.

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