Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: Emma Learns to Sprout by Shir Guez

Emma Learns to Sprout 

Kids Book : Emma Learns to Sprout ( children's book about nutrition ) ( Picture Book for Preschool ) ( Ages 3-8 ) by Shir Guez
Kindle Edition, 20 pages
Published July 18th 2014 
3 - 8 P - 2

Description: "Emma learns to sprout" is a lovely pictures book which describes in a simple and enjoyable way and with fantastic illustrations how Emma, a kindergartener, learns to sprout legumes with her mom.
Sprouting is a great way to provide your children with more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a fun, quick, simple and cheap way! It doesn't require anything but basic dishes that are available in every kitchen. Sprouting makes favorite foods healthier, and the legumes' sprouts can be used raw in a salad or as a snack, and they also make a great alternative in any recipes that contain legumes.
In addition to its enormous health benefits, sprouting makes a great parent-child activity.
It's also good to know that sprouting makes legumes easier to digest. Therefore, it may help those who have a problem digesting legumes.

* According to the USDA database, sprouted legumes contains dozens and even hundreds percentages more of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients per calorie than legumes that weren't sprouted.

My Review: I've never tried to sprout before, mainly because it seemed too hard to do. This book shows that it's really simple and a lot healthier for you to do so.

I liked the way it was formatted. Emma questions her mother and her mother explains the process. It's done in a way, with illustrations, that makes it easy to understand--for both children and adults. There's good information in here, but it's told in a story-like way that will appeal to kids. I just may have to try sprouting!

About the Author:
Shir Guez 
description     description     description     description     description Shir Guez is an author of health books and the editor in chief of a health website.
After a lifestyle changing, she is now determined to spread the word about the great effects of healthy living.
All of her children's books are dedicated to her nephews and nieces.
Shir also holds a double major in economics and accounting.


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