Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Book Blitz Countdown Day 3--Moonlight by Ann Hunter

Day 3
By Ann Hunter

The Swan Princess is an amazing tale of sacrifice and standing up for whats right. This is very similar, but in many ways VERY different!

Book Blurb:

Moonlight, the WHITNEY AWARD NOMINATED prequel to The Subtle Beauty (free on Amazon), is the book critics are calling "Kind of ethereal", "...a fairytale world that will steal your heart and fuel your imagination".
In this fractured retelling of THE SWAN PRINCESS, one girl will sacrifice much to save her family.
When her mother dies, Aowyn vows to protect her brothers and father from the conniving Ciatlllait who is bent on usurping the throne and the kingdom. To do this, Aowyn makes a deal with the twisted creature Sylas Mortas, only realizing too late that breathing a word of their bargain will kill her swan brothers. Will she be able to wait out the 1,000 moons the steep price of the deal requires with war and romance on the horizon?
Find out in MOONLIGHT.

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AOWYN! (the heroine of Moonlight)
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Author Bio:

Multi-award winning author, Ann Hunter, is the creator of the young adult fantasy series Crowns of

She lives in a cozy Utah home with her two awesome kids and epic husband.

https://www.facebook.com/ authorannhunter
the Twelve (including the novels The Subtle Beauty, Moonlight, Fallen, with A Piece of Sky, Ashes, and The Rose In The Briar to follow). She likes cherry soda with chocolate ice cream, is a mom first and a writer second, has a secret identity, and thinks the Twilight movies are cheesier than cheez whiz (which is why they are her guilty pleasure!)

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