Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Faith Seekers by Sherry Rossman

Faith Seekers by Sherry Rossman
Paperback, 254 pages
Published November 29th 2014 by Rook Publishing 
Genre: New Adult Christian Fantasy
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Description: “She raised her head when she felt the warmth. A violet cloud poured into her hands and over her head. He spoke like water falling into a deep pool. The sapling belongs to me.” When Hannah’s family loses their home, she drops out of college and joins them as they take their RV on a journey through fractured America. Struggling with her loss of identity, she attempts to embrace her new life as a nomad until a California campground unveils a nightmare that only she can see. She questions her sanity as her family continues on their journey, and her unearthly visions increase. Miguel, a young photographer traveling with his uncle, helps Hannah discover her true identity and the roles they will all play in unveiling the truth about the ever-present good and evil surrounding them. Join Hannah and Miguel as they try to piece together their broken hopes and dreams amidst looming darkness. Will Hannah find her faith, embrace the light, and trust in the God that she thought had abandoned her? 

My Review:  I was intrigued by the label--Christian Fantasy. How could such different genres possibly come together? 
Hannah feels like the ground has fallen from beneath her feet. She has to drop out of college, her family has lost their home, and she and her family basically become hobos, living in campgrounds in their RV. The journey to adulthood is tough enough, but throwing all of that into her face really causes Hannah to ponder who she really is and what her mission in life is. 

"Pieces of things to come hurled caustic visions at Hannah. Snapshots of fear, roots of death and Harriet Tubman pointing to what? A scattered puzzle started to swarm in her mind like a living dream."

There were times when I found myself confused. Hannah has visions or dreams that were very strange to me. There were appearances by Harriet Tubman and also an elk who is God. I have very different views on who God is and this didn't really work for me.

Hannah and her family meet some people in their travels--most are good, but a few aren't. Good and evil are all around us and it causes us to take inventory within ourselves to discover just how strong our faith is. I enjoyed watching Hannah do just that. Instead of sitting back, she takes initiative to figure things out. I liked Nia, Hannah, and Miguel but failed to feel a connection with them, since they're so different from me and their views on life and God are not even close mine.
All of that aside, I did think the story was well-written. I enjoyed the descriptions and good imagery, as you can tell from the quote, as well as the relationships the characters had with one another.

Content: mild romance (unwed pregnancy included); no language that I recall; mild violence; heavy religious elements.


  1. Sounds interesting. I've read a lot of Christian Fantasy, and I really like the genre.

    1. You might enjoy this one then. I haven't read a lot in this genre and it's not my favorite.