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Review: Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 2) by Rebecca Belliston

Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 2) by Rebecca Belliston
445 pages, July 4th 2015 by Gated Publishing 
Source: I won this as a gift on the LDS Summer Book Trek and this review compensated. My opinion is 100% my own. 
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Chicago is burning, a rebellion rises, but that’s the least of Carrie’s concerns. Patrolman Simmons is assigned new partners who threaten the security and secrecy of Carrie's clan. Tensions are high, lines are drawn, and Carrie feels a wedge growing between her and Greg.

Haunted by past mistakes and impending tragedies, Greg knows he should distance himself from Carrie. He knows he should let her love the patrolman who can save her and her siblings, especially with money and resources dwindling. But knowing and doing are different matters. He's busy hatching a plan to salvage things when his citizenship backfires, and he’s asked to do the unthinkable.

In this stunning follow-up to Life, loved ones are lost, allegiances are tested, and old enemies plot revenge. At every turn, the citizens of Logan Pond must ask: What price would you pay for the liberty of those you love?
My Review: 
This is Book 2 in the series and you definitely have to read Life first. Liberty picks up right where the reader was left hanging.
There's evidence that a rebellion is rising and life in the clan is taking a turn for the worse. Oliver, the officer assigned to their area has new partners and things are getting tougher to deal with, especially where food and money are concerned. Relationships are tested, formed, and broken and it's all this clan can do to keep things together. 
Carrie is a leader of sorts and is struggling to raise her younger brother and sister, all while trying to figure out what's best for those around her. I really like Carrie. She's an introvert, but exerts herself when she has to, which is a lot like how I am. She's very compassionate and sacrifices her own wants and needs often. She seems to assume a lot and interprets things in a way that isn't always accurate. She is flawed, but in an endearing way.
I really don't want to give things away that happen with this story, but I will say that I was completely stunned at how good it is! I marveled at the creativity it took to write this story and was mesmerized at just how bad things got. The story and characters gripped me in a way that had me feeling very on edge and the intensity of the situations just oozed off of the pages. The sad thing is, this story felt so realistic. Things were happening that I could visualize happening in our own world and society in the not so distant future and it really scared me. There were some characters that I was scared to death of, on behalf of some of my favorite characters, of course. There were situations that had me angry and nervous over and I couldn't figure out how things could possibly work out. Of course, I was left hanging once again, which really is good, but wow. What an amazing and incredible story!

Content: death, mild-moderate violence (not really graphic); no religious elements or language that I can recall; mild romance. I would consider this clean for an older reader--16+.

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Rebecca Belliston
Rebecca Lund Belliston is the author of the bestselling LDS romantic suspense novels SADIE and AUGUSTINA and a new dystopian trilogy CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND. Besides writing fiction, Rebecca composes religious and classical-style music. She lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids.

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