Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Sunrise Over Scipio by H. Linn Murphy

Sunrise Over Scipio by H. Linn Murphy
Kindle Edition, 312 pages
Published March 9th 2015 by Walnut Springs Press (first published January 5th 2015)  
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
When barrel-racing champion Tamsin Tucker is seriously injured in an accident, her whole world crashes down around her. She is abandoned in a tiny Utah town, where her leg is amputated to save her life. Tamsin’s horse is gone, she has no family, and she feels God has forsaken her. From where she stands, prospects are bleak.

Through what she comes to recognize as a blessing from heaven, Tamsin finds friendship with those who assist in her recovery. Her nurse, Sarah, has her own set of problems, but a faith Tamsin can’t deny. Handsome doctor Travis Mayfield questions his belief in God until he witnesses divine intervention on Tamsin’s behalf.

Getting on her feet won’t be easy. But with a new-found purpose, the help of friends and of a man who adores her, and the matchless love of her Heavenly Father, Tamsin will forge a new life. 

My Review:
Tamsin is a barrel racer on the rodeo circuit and after a horrifying injury, she finds herself abandoned by her husband in a tiny little town. I have also been curious about the town of Scipio as I've passed by the exit on the freeway. I loved the small town feel to the story and the way the characters rally together to support one another through hard times. The message is sent that everyone has problems and trials to overcome and it's an important lesson to learn. 
Tamsin is left with nothing--no family, no possessions, no future. A mutual agreement with her nurse, Sarah, sparks seeds of hope back into her life. Sarah and Tamsin need each other and rely on each other to conquer their challenges. I didn't like Sarah much at first, but really grew to like her, especially as she got over her initial feelings. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Tamsin and I did like her.

Travis, the doctor, has his own issues to deal with. He's a critical anchor to the town. Everyone has a role to play in life and these characters lives are interwoven in a way that is just beautiful. Timing is everything. Tamsin wouldn't have been receptive to feelings and impressions had she not had to endure her losses. 

Religion plays a large part of the story. Tamsin is searching for meaning and answers in her life and finds comfort in the scriptures. This is a great read for those who don't mind religious talk, specifically to the LDS church.

Content: mild romance (vague talk of cheating); mild violence (vague descriptions of an accident); moderately religious (as mentioned above); no language. Clean!
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