Friday, September 18, 2015

Tackle TBR Read-a-thon {Update Day 4}

Recap of Day 4 (September 17th):
All of the books I've decided to read for this challenge are ebooks. I may add some other physical books in if I'm doing well, since I have a few from the library, but since they're ebooks, I don't have page numbers, I have percentages. I'll try to figure out pages numbers, but may use percentages.

I thought I would've had more reading time, but my older two kids were out of school and it just didn't happen. One reason why I chose the books I did is because a lot of them are novellas and I can usually knock out one a day. It also cleans up my Netgalley list.'s hoping tomorrow is better!
Day of the challenge/Date: Day 4 / September 17th
What I read today: Finished An October Bride and 50 more pages of Out of the Ashes
Challenges/Giveaways: --
Today's finished books: 1

Percentage/Pages read: 140 pages
Total number of finished books: 4
# of Participants visited:
Titles of finished books:  



  1. you havea good tactic! i also started by an anthology since it made it possible to stop when needed between teh novella.
    i just finished it so it means 1 book on teh 4 i hope to read...*finger crossed* i will get more reading time

    1. Wishing you luck on getting more reading time!! Anthologies are great!

  2. Still, you're doing pretty well. I hope you get some good reading in this weekend!

    1. So far, so good! I'm amazed at how much some of you are able to read. I always think I'll have more time than I do. And volunteering at the school is starting up next week... :)