Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon {Update on Day 12}

Recap of Day 12 (September 25th):

All of the books I've decided to read for this challenge are ebooks. I may add some other physical books in if I'm doing well, since I have a few from the library, but since they're ebooks, I don't have page numbers, I have percentages. I'll try to figure out pages numbers, but may use percentages.
Today I tried to read from a couple of books, but didn't finish any of them yet.  I'm trying to get my house decluttered (great timing, I know) and it was kind of nice to read a bit from one book, clean, read from another, and clean again. I got sucked into Made to Last so that's where I spent most of my reading time today. It's hard to believe this read-a-thon will wrap up with the weekend's end!

Day of the challenge/Date: Day 12 / September 25th
What I read today: Read 276 pages of Made to Last, 37 pages of How to Catch a Prince, and 25 pages of The Object of His Affection 

Challenges/Giveaways: Challenge @ Singing Librarian Books
Today's finished books: --
Percentage/Pages read: 
338 pages
Total number of finished books:
Titles of finished books:


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