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Covenant Communications Christmas Round-Up

Covenant Communications Christmas Round-Up

It's All About Christmas

Like heirloom ornaments on a splendid tree, It’s All About Christmas will put you and your family in a festive frame of mind for a glorious holiday season. Stuff ed with stories, songs, poems, Christmas history, joyful traditions, recipes, and activities, this delightful book celebrates all things Christmas—from the sacred story of the Nativity to the lore of Saint Nick. Opening this book is like tearing the paper off a much–anticipated gift, offering new surprises with each turn of the page. Generously illustrated with scores of vibrant vintage images, It’s All About Christmas will remind you of Christmases past, help you appreciate Christmas present, and guide you to creating memories for the Christmases to come.


This is a wonderful book, perfect for the holidays. This hard cover book is a collection of favorite and memorable stories, poems, Christmas carols, interesting facts, history, recipes, and scriptures. I loved the way the pictures are so nostalgic and colorful. 

The book begins with a scriptural account of Christ's birth, taken from both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The layout is very pleasing, with the different elements mixed together--a poem, a carol, a few recipes, a couple of stories, a quote, etc. This book has everything you need to really think about and celebrate Christmas, all in one place! I loved reading about the most popular Christmas toys through the years, as well as re-reading old favorite stories, such as The Gift of the Magi. The classic poem The Night Before Christmas is included, as is a fun recipe for reindeer food. I loved the group game ideas and the list of favorite family Christmas movies. The lyrics to It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, with a little history behind the song, was fun to read. This is one going into our Christmas book box to be re-read each and every Christmas.


Words of Christmas

Investigate the deeper meanings of Christmas day by day with this beautifully designed book filled with thoughts to keep you close to the heart of the holiday. Explore one word each day from December first through Christmas Day-like an advent calendar-or choose to reflect on a word that is right for the moment. These elegant words of cheer and wisdom will surely help you reflect on the Savior this Christmas season.


This hardcover book really hit home for me. It's recommended that the reader ponder one word and the corresponding thought and scripture for each day during the month of December, counting down to Christmas. There are words such as "Hope," "Christ," "Peace," and "Joy." I loved how each word is detailed, as the quote is something to ponder throughout the day. The word that jumped out at me is "Giving." Christmas isn't just about giving gifts, but it's also giving your time, love, and sacrifice. I hadn't thought of it that way before and I need to do better with that in the future.

These little gems are perfect for bringing the true meaning of Christmas into a person's life and home. I'm looking forward to taking a whole month, next year, to utilize this book.



This 3 inch figure of Christ is a perfect addition to any Christmas decor. Christ's birth is the reason that we celebrate this holiday and his life is the example we should pattern ours after. I love this smooth, matte finished figure to remind me of what Christmas (and life) is really all about. It's beautifully detailed and great to display all year round. I especially love the size--it can fit into almost any space.


A Songbook for LDS Families

Her music and lyrics are timeless, her legacy limitless. Now audiences everywhere are invited to celebrate the work of musical legend Janice Kapp Perry with A Songbook for LDS Families, a stunning illustrated compilation of many of Janice’s most moving pieces. A Songbook for LDS Families highlights eighteen beloved and well-known songs, as well as twenty-eight newly penned Book of Mormon hymns composed by Janice Kapp Perry with text by Bonnie Hart Murray. The first section of this beautifully designed book showcases musical scores everyone loves, as well as new sister missionary arrangements of “As Sisters in Zion” and “In the Hollow of Thy Hand.” Incredible insights into the stories behind the cherished lyrics accompany each song. In addition to the choral arrangements, section two explains the process and highlights the scriptures that inspired the creation of these new Book of Mormon hymns. Also included in this special-edition volume are two CDs containing accompaniment tracks to all forty-six pieces of music. Underscored by the stunning artwork of Greg Olsen, Simon Dewey, and Tom Lovell, as well as the complete Book of Mormon art collection by Arnold Friberg, this unparalleled celebration of faith-promoting music is sure to be a treasured keepsake.


Janice Kapp Perry got me through some of my toughest teenage years! Her songs are close to my heart because of that. There are some songs included in this book that I haven't thought of for years, yet as soon as I played them again, memories came flooding back to me and they were stuck in my head for days. I love the primary songs as well, as they are some of my favorites, and I'm currently the Primary chorister in my ward. One of my favorite things about this collection, is the illustrations that accompany each song. I loved looking at each of them in detail. 

I was surprised to discover a whole section of new hymns that are about the Book of Mormon! These are songs that I'm looking forward to getting to know and learn better. I had a lot of fun trying to play through the songs and to think about these new lyrics. This is a great collection of music for any LDS family.



No Ordinary Shepherd -- DVD

As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy thoughtfully considers the significance of the day. The child, cripples in a terrible accident, has always treasured his shepherd father's tale of that starlit night so many years before — a night filled with the wonder of angelic heralds and a tiny Bethlehem stable sheltering the chosen Messiah. Now, years since that sacred event, tales of Jesus of Nazareth's miraculous birth touch the young boy's faith. When he meets the gentle stranger in the hills — a man oddly familiar to him — the faithful young shepherd encounters a miracle of his own.


I don't know what it is about Christmas movies, but the ones that are heartwarming, pack a punch full of emotion, have a Christmas miracle, and help me remember what's really important are the best! This is a short one, about 25 minutes long, but it's got all of the elements of a truly great movie. Definitely check this one out to get into the true holiday spirit. 



He Knows My Name -- DVD

Rebekah is fascinated by the man her neighbors call Jesus. Her mother is not so sure. One day she brings Jesus home—a simple act that will forever change their lives.
Running time: 35 minutes 


I hate to cry, but I love a good movie that can move me to tears...in a good way. This movie is a great reminded that Christ does know each of us personally and individually. It's also a great reminder of faith. Rebekah is fascinated by Jesus, yet her mother is skeptical. It's easy to place myself in this situation and wonder what I would do and how I would act. 

This is a sweet and tender story that I plan on watching more than once. It's not only a good movie for this Christmas season, but for Easter, as well. Or really, any time.


I received each of these items in exchange for an honest review. I was thrilled to be a part of this fabulous tour! Each item helped me feel the Christmas spirit better and to focus on what really matters. I would highly recommend any and all of these items.

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