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Storm (Western Hearts Series Book 2) by Kate Palmer {Review}

Storm (Western Hearts Series Book 2) by Kate Palmer
Kindle Edition, 205 pages
Published October 12th 2015 by Designate Media
Source: I received a copy from in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 4 Stars

A woman rancher struggles to save her ranch, but it’s her heart she’s most in danger of losing.

Storm’s ranch is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy after cattle rustlers strike. When her part-time ranch hand dies under suspicious circumstances, two neighboring ranchers step in to help. In jeopardy of losing the only place that’s ever felt like home, who can she trust with her heart?


I haven't read Book 1 in this series, but I definitely need to. This book stands alone just fine--I just really liked it and want to read more by this author.

Storm. What a perfect name for this stubborn and tenacious character. Storm is on the verge of losing her ranch, due to cattle rustlers. She's moved many times over the course of her 27 years, but nowhere has felt like home more than her uncle's ranch, which she now owns. When Connor, her part-time help dies suspiciously and an unexpected event forces Storm to take it easy, two neighbors offer to help. Taggert is an on-again/off-again flame and Dak, a widow, is back for a time with his two young girls. Romance, mystery, and suspense abound, culminating in a few surprising twists.

My favorite characters: Storm, although stubborn, is easy to like, as she is hard-working and independent. She's also got a great streak of spit-fire fun in her. Dak and his two girls are great characters. They're very likable and I love the traditions they have. Boots, the uncle, is a fountain of wisdom and his cowboy lingo is endearing. 

I spent a very small part of my toddler years on a ranch. While I don't remember it, I have a little soft spot for ranch life in my heart. Cowboys, in my mind, are generally hard working, kind, and loyal and this story showed that with some of the characters. Of course, there are always a few bad eggs in the bunch, but overall, this story struck a chord in my heart. My emotions were tugged in several different directions and I enjoyed the journey, the resolution, the characters, and the setting. The mystery/suspense is well done and I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series!  

Content: mild violence; mild romance (kissing); Clean!


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About the Author:

Kate Palmer 
Kate Palmer believes in wholesome entertainment. Her books explore characters undergoing tough situations without compromising standards or becoming bitter. She likes the rush of emotions romantic suspense creates and strives to keep it clean. Her love of farm and ranch life shines through her Western Hearts Series.

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