Thursday, January 7, 2016

Santa Fe Sunrise by Tanya Stowe {Review and Giveaway}

Brett Fraser has quit his job, loaded his earthly possessions into his black sports car and headed out to find himself in the great Southwest. Somewhere on his successful climb up the corporate ladder, he lost sight of the man God intended him to be. But Brett intends to find himself again. Rafaela De Silva has an art gallery to run, a sprawling piece of family property with back taxes due, and a younger sister to care for who suffers from anorexia. She doesn't have time for broken shoe laces, sprained ankles or tumbling into the arms of a handsome stranger, especially one whose past involves scandal. Brett's determined to help the beautiful runner he rescues from a fall. After examining the smooth edges of her broken shoelace, he's convinced her accident wasn't accidental. But if he's going to help her, he'll have to convince her to trust him--a difficult task given his past. Under the sun-kissed skies of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Brett must rediscover his purpose in life before he loses Rafaela forever. Who is trying to harm Rafaela? Will she live long enough for Brett to win her heart?

Novelist Tanya Stowe has had eclectic career. Working as a freelance writer, her profiles have featured celebrities such as Fabio and New York Times Bestselling authors LaVyrle Spencer, Shirlee Busbee, and Heather Graham. Tanya wrote grants, participated in a collection of women’s survival stories and collaborated on a full length Christmas musical.  She also worked as a marketing assistant, and an event coordinator doing a stint with the American Cancer Society. Website, Facebook, Blog

Ms. Stowe has a very good descriptive voice, especially of the settings. I could vividly picture the scenes in my mind and loved the imagery. Rafaela has a heavy load on her shoulders. Running an art gallery, caring for her family, and trying to keep the bills paid isn't easy. Her younger sister has an eating disorder, which adds to the burden. An accident leads to a chance meeting with stranger, Brett--a man who has left his job in order to find himself again.

Rafaela is a very responsible character, as is Brett, and their connection is fun, but at times a little stilted. Rafaela quickly develops strong feelings for Brett, but after only two weeks, is able to read him quite well, which felt unnatural. In fact, Brett has similar feelings, but they both come across to each other as being uncommitted. I wanted there to be more to the relationship and wanted to see it develop, rather than be told. Reactions were very impulsive and shallow, compared to the supposed depth of their feelings.

The suspenseful angle is interesting. Someone is trying to ruin Rafaela and her business and I enjoyed seeing things play out, while trying to guess who and why. Another interesting twist was to see God and religion play such an important role in this romantic suspense, but for these characters and their situations, it worked.

Content: moderate religious elements; mild violence/suspense; mild romance. Clean.
*I was given a copy through Singing Librarian Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

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