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Weird by Theresa M. Jones {Review}

Weird by Theresa M. Jones
Kindle Edition, 146 pages
Published September 7th 2015 by Luftmensch Press 
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 4 Stars
Every time twelve year old Aislin sleeps, she experiences another person’s DREAMS, their hopes or despairs, loves or hates, most fervent dreams, or darkest nightmares. She is weird, a word she hates more than anything else. Though, when her little brother, Luke, the only person in the world who treats her normal, gets into a car accident, her only hope of saving him is her ability to communicate with him while he dreams.

It isn’t until she dreams with Jessica, another coma patient and her best friend’s little sister, that she discovers her chance to save him. After Aislin guides Jessica back to the waking world, she opens her eyes to find her plan gone horribly awry, and Jessica dead.

Devastated, Aislin must find a way to stop dreaming altogether or somehow perfect it, before she kills her brother, too.

While funny and charming, this book deals with some serious issues, and provides much for parents and children to discuss.

Some scary situations, bullying, and reality of car accidents make this appropriate for children 6 and older, but may be more appropriate for children 9-13 years old.
I know it's been a long time since I was a twelve year old, but I do remember some things. I wanted to fit in, I feared the death of a loved one, and I had one foot in childhood and one foot in growing up. Ms. Jones did a great job of portraying those growing pains and feelings and made it easy to relate to Aislin.
Aislin dreams and is able to enter the dreams of those around her. She's trying her best to fit in, yet she can't because she's so different. And she absolutely HATES the word "weird." When a new boy comes to school, she finds she has a lot in common with him and they are able to help each other in unexpected ways. I came to enjoy her friendship with Zane a lot. I would've liked to understand the dreaming element a little more.
An accident leaves her brother, Luke, in a coma and life gets pretty rough for Aislin. I loved that there are so many serious issues to deal with and Aislin has to rely on others more than she wants to. This is a great coming-of-age story, appropriate for pre-teens, especially those dealing with bullying, fears as previously mentioned, and really anyone. Every person on the earth is different and celebrating those differences is great.
I loved how the afterward mentioned why this book was written and I know it can help other kids out there realize how important some things are in life and to understand the reasons why.
Content: no language; mild violence (not too graphic, but may be intense for younger children). Clean!

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 About the Author:
Theresa M. JonesTheresa M Jones is just a regular small town, Texas girl. When she isn't working you can find her at home with her husband and two beautiful (and rambunctious) kiddos.

In her spare time- as if there ever was such a thing as "spare time" - she reads and reviews books on her book blog, and writes paranormal romance novels.

POWER (The Descendent Trilogy #1) is her debut New Adult (Mature YA) Paranormal Romance novel.

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