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Looking for Home by Elle Fredrix {Review}

Looking for Home by Elle Fredrix
Kindle Edition
Published November 7th 2015 by Prerogative Press (first published 2009)
Having grown up as "trailer park trash," M McCallister is familiar with hardship. In a bid to prove her worth—to herself and to the world—she moves across the country, hoping to build a new life. But first, she'll need her sister's help.

Jonathan Davenport is handsome, wealthy, and well-bred. And M's sister has brought unspeakable tragedy to his family, leaving him to raise his baby sister.

She's sworn off men, and he wants to marry a classy woman with a background similar to his. But they’re both looking for a home.
My Review: 3.5 Stars
M is desperate for a new start and decides to stay with her estranged sister while getting a new business off the ground and getting herself back on her feet. Imagine her surprise at finding a handsome man, Jonathan, at the door and learning how life has really been since she's last been in touch with her sister. M is offered a position to nanny Alicia, Jonathan's little sister, but life takes a few twists and gives her more than she bargains for.
Jonathan is a great guy--so dependable and down-to-earth. He treats Alicia amazingly well, which is so sweet. M is very independent and tough, but she's got a few soft spots and I loved watching those emerge. I love the way Jonathan is always trying to guess M's real name. Alicia is a real treat, as she has some hard things to overcome and both Jonathan and M are such a great support. I love the little romantic sparks that are found throughout the story.
I like a book with consistency and felt this story was lacking. A few examples--Jonathan says he completely trusts M, but with one comment or action (over and over), he shows that he doesn't. When she gets upset, he changes his tune again. M says she knows what she wants and she's a very independent wanderer, yet she's always waffling between being strong and being very indecisive and insecure. I wanted more stability in both emotions and interactions, especially because I felt that both characters were so powerful.
Bonus points for being a clean, contemporary romance!! 
Content: mild language; mild romance (kissing, innuendo); mild violence (talk of past child abuse). 
*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
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About the Author:
 Elle Fredrix  
Elle Fredrix is the author of clean romance novels published by Prerogative Press. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but has left the big city behind and now lives on the shore of Lake Ontario with her family. A voracious reader and story teller, she discovered a love of writing about a decade ago.

What to expect from a Prerogative Press Clean Romance

What You Won't Find
* Sex or violence--although there may be brief reference to past incidents of either
* Petting--heavy or otherwise
* Profane or vulgar speech--including use of the Lord's name
* A religious theme--Christian or otherwise

What you Will Likely Find
* A tiny little bit of sexual tension
* The occasional kiss/hug/tender moment

What you May Find
* The occasional mild language--damn, crap and the like

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