Friday, April 15, 2016

More Than a Promise by Ruth Logan Herne {Spotlight, Tens List, and Giveaway}

Genre: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication date: February 23, 2016
Number of pages: 292
"My Three Sons"... Naughty sons, at that!... meets "Sarah, Plain and Tall" in this delightful marriage of convenience story that shows how amazingly inconvenient love... and life... can be!

Widower Matt Wilmot is in trouble. His boys are causing chaos and wreaking havoc, his former mother-in-law is threatening to sue for custody, his father just had heart surgery and their family company is liable for a huge balloon payment on a loan his father took out to expand the business the previous year. But rain and illness took their toll, and Matt is having a rough time spinning multiple plates in the air. 
​ But when he discovers Elle Drake next door, a woman with a wonderful hand at managing errant boys, cranky relatives, and frustrated men... Matt's world suddenly tips back into a more normal orbit. And when drastic measures are required, it's the girl next door who's there to save the day.

Elle Drake wanted nothing more than to create beautiful pottery and have a family, but when her millionaire husband publicly dumped the renowned artist for another woman, Elle moves back to Cedar Mills to start anew, the spinster artist with her big potting shed. But when her to-die-for good-looking neighbor thinks marriage is a good idea, Elle figures he's either crazy, desperate or right.

But a marriage of convenience can become its own conundrum, and when life takes sudden turns, can this marriage become all that they bargained for? And maybe more than a promise?
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​ Multi-published, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne loves God, her family, her country, dogs, chocolate and coffee! A country gal with a heart for the big city, Ruthy likes nothing more than to write the kind of books she loves to read, and she's even more happy that now she gets paid to do it! She's been married for a Very Long Time and she and her husband Dave live on a small farm in upstate New York where lake effect snow buries them on a regular basis in winter. But that's all right... it gives her more time to write!

Favorite book:  Christy by Catherine Marshal and “Sweet Hush” by Deb Smith

Favorite soda: Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash!!!!!

Favorite ice cream: Abbott’s Frozen Custard, I am in love with their recipe!!!!

Favorite candy: Sponge candy, but really, anything chocolate (as she hits the Easter basket AGAIN…)

Favorite season: Fall. Gorgeous up here, and I love the busyness of pumpkin season and veggies and fall colors!

Favorite T.V. series: NCIS (there is really no other answer that should be considered, is there? I mean, GIBBS??? HELLO???????)

Favorite country you want to visit: Ireland

Favorite comic book character: Snoopy. He’s such an in-your-face brat dog, he and I would get along just fine!

Favorite author: Tooooo many! Karen White, Lisa Wingate, Catherine Marshall, all of the Seekers, Deb Smith, Herman Wouk, James Michener, James Herriot, and so many others… Katherine Patterson (YA books)

Favorite holiday: Easter, we haven’t commercialized it yet, I love it!

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