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Four Weddings and a Fiasco: The Wedding Secret by Jennifer Shirk {Review}

The Wedding Secret by Jennifer Shrik
Kindle Edition
Published May 2nd 2016 by Kindle Worlds
Ten years after a high school pregnancy left her abandoned by her family, single mother Brenna March is finally getting her life under control. In possession of her dream job as a florist at the Rose Chalet, one of the premier wedding spots in San Francisco, she’s about to prove her worth and take on her first wedding as head florist. Unfortunately, the best man is none other than Senator Ashton Mirenda—her old high school sweetheart and the father of the daughter he knows nothing about.

Ashton doesn't have time for marriage or a family. He has other aspirations and the first is winning the next senate seat election. Or so he believes until he meets a woman from his past. Seeing Brenna again stirs something inside him he'd thought long dead, and he knows that he wants her beside him all the way to the White House.

But Brenna is holding a ten year old secret, one which could not only hurt his chance for re-election but also their chance to rekindle the love they once shared. 

My Review: 5 Stars

I love a good, clean romance and this one fit my mood to a T. Brenna is a florist for a big wedding and runs into her former high school sweetheart...who also happens to be the father of her child, unbeknownst to him. Ashton is now a Senator and it's re-election year. The truth could ruin him, but with the amount of sparks flying, how can she keep things a secret from him any longer?

This is such a swoony and sweet story. The stolen kisses and chemistry almost sizzle off of the pages, but in a clean way. Of course, there is an implied incident from the past that leaves Brenna with a child, but it's tasteful done and in a believable way. Personally, I can't imagine keeping a secret that big, but she has legitimate reasons for doing so.

Brenna is very independent and determined to keep Ashton at arm's length. She's feisty and sweet, a great mom, and a hard worker. I could relate to her and admire her resolve to make her life worth something, even if it leaves her alone. Her aunt is a great asset to the story, as is her daughter. Ashton though. Who could resist him? He's a pleaser, always thinking about others and his career, but he really does have some tenderness in him. Gorgeous, driven, and kind--a winning combination.

I love the way this novella plays out and it's the perfect read for any romantic. As always, I'm looking forward to what Ms. Shirk writes next!

Content: mild language; mild romance (implied intimate relationship, kissing). Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author:

Jennifer ShirkJennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy-which has in NO WAY at all helped her with her writing career. But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic-at-hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind-numbing educations.

She writes sweet (and sometimes even funny) romances for Avalon Books/Montlake Romance and now Entangled Publishing. She won third place in the RWA 2006 NYC's Kathryn Hayes Love and Laughter Contest with her first book, THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME. Recently, her novel SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM won the 2013 Golden Quill Published Authors Contest for Best Traditional Romance.

Lately she's been on a serious exercise kick. But don't hold that against her.

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