Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty & the Beach (A Fairy Tale Romance) by Diane Darcy {Review}

I've been a slacker lately (either that or super busy with reviews).
My good friend over at KJ's Book Nook is hosting a 
Once Upon a Time...Beauty and the Beast Month. 
Check it out here
This is one of my most favorite fairy tales and I had good 
intentions of reading at least one re-telling a week,
but life got in the way. I'll be lucky to get 2-3 in. 
Without further ado, my first one is Beauty & the Beach by Diane Darcy. 
I've had this one on my radar for a couple of years now
and I'm so excited to finally have read it!

Beauty & the Beach (A Fairy Tale Romance)
by Diane Darcy


She's finally free to follow her heart!

When her mother died, local beauty Isabelle Kenna was left with the task of raising a much younger sister and dealing with a lovable but increasingly alcoholic father. Now, with a nursing degree firmly in hand, her father on the wagon, and her sister off to college soon, Isabelle finally has the chance to live her own life and get a taste of the freedom she's craved. She might even find time for a bit of romance with the scarred yet attractive Marine who comes into the hospital. That's the plan, anyway.

Add in 100,000 reasons keeping them apart.

Adam Wilder, a hot-headed Marine-turned-master-jeweler, has a big crush on the pretty nurse at the VA hospital, and he plans to keep asking until she goes out with him. When his store manager 'borrows' and loses a $100,000 necklace, Adam goes ballistic. Too late, he realized the man's daughter is the pretty nurse he's hoping to impress. Maybe threatening her father and taking her freedom aren't the brightest ideas he's ever had. Unless he can make Isabelle fall for him, he obviously can't keep her forever. And it's not helping that they're also dealing with Adam's nosy neighbors, a few matchmaking Marines, and her sister who hates his guts! Can he still win Izzy's heart? Or will he simply lose his own?


My Review: 4 Stars 

How can I not love this story? Give me my favorite fairy tale in a modern setting with a beach and I'm in heaven! 

Adam is a former Marine, or I guess a once-a-Marine-always-a-Marine. He's got a temper and when Isabelle's dad "borrows" an expensive necklace for his younger daughter to wear to prom and it gets lost, that temper comes out in full force. Izzy is Adam's nurse at the VA hospital and he's been trying to woo her. An exchange is made--if she'll live with him to help him with odds and ends, he'll postpone any prosecution to see if the necklace turns up.

There are some great characters in this story and I loved cheering them on. Izzy is pretty, but down-to-earth, and yet she doesn't take anything sitting down. She's feisty, yet shy, if that makes sense. I could see a little of me in her--she doesn't really like confrontation and assumes the worst at times. I really liked Adam, especially because he's not the typical guy. He's got some surprises up his sleeve. I love that he's not cocky--he has some insecurities just like any regular person does.

I wanted to see a little more intimidation in their encounters, as well as to see her do a little more to help him out. There are some humorous moments that had me laughing and captured my attention, one of them being her ideas of how to cook for Adam and his poker buddies. I also loved the spin on a fake relationship to keep the neighbors at bay.

This is a great read for those who love a sweet and clean, contemporary fairy tale re-telling.

Content: mild romance (kissing, some innuendo, living together in a platonic relationship). Clean!


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About the Author:

Diane DarcyDiane Darcy loves to read and write lighthearted and funny books. She’s a member of the Heart of the West, and RWA. She was a finalist for Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart® Award. She’s written romantic comedies in several different genres; some historical, some contemporary, all lighthearted and fun. She makes her home in Utah with her family and dogs, and is hard at work on her next book. 


  1. YAY! I have someone joining my Beauty and the Beast month! I read this one a couple years back but never reviewed it. Maybe I should re-read it... ;) Hehe. Love your review!

    1. Thank you! You should re-read it. :) I'd love to see your thoughts and of course, your amazing casting!