Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Deep Magic: Sci-Fi and Fantasy E-zine Launch

Announcing the relaunch of a science-fiction and fantasy e-zine devoted to publishing excellent fiction, articles, and art, with high standards for quality and the promise that all material found in its electronic pages will be clean: Deep Magic. Deep Magic will appeal to adult and young adult readers alike. Many readers are clamoring for clean reads, and each issue of Deep Magic will be packed with sci-fi and fantasy, including subgenres of epic, steampunk, and paranormal, among others.

The Deep Magic team, which includes well-known authors Jeff Wheeler and Charlie N. Holmberg, is delighted to be publishing short stories, interviews, illustrator spotlights, essays on science fiction and fantasy, writing tips to their readership, and more. A decade ago, Deep Magic featured stories, interviews, and articles from leaders in the industry, such as Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb, and an at-the-time less known author, Brandon Sanderson. Now, Deep Magic is looking forward to featuring a new interview with Brandon Sanderson, new fiction and articles from Anthony Ryan, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Jeff Wheeler, Charlie N. Holmberg, and other authors and industry professionals.

“I'm delighted that Deep Magic is being resurrected by its founders. It was the first high fantasy
magazine I specifically wrote a story for way back when, and was my introduction to the world of
secondary world fantastic fiction. The editors were a pleasure to work with--they are respectful,
professional folks--and I have no doubt that the rebooted version of Deep Magic will adhere to the
quality, vision, and ethics I came to expect from its editors.”
-- Usman Tanveer Malik, Bram Stoker Award Winner

Between 2002 and 2006, Deep Magic released 49 monthly issues. Due to new opportunities in publishing, along with reader interest, the three original founders are relaunching the magazine on a bimonthly schedule. On June 14th, 2016, ten years after the original magazine closed its doors, the first issue of the new Deep Magic magazine will be available for purchase on Amazon as an e-book.

The Deep Magic Board consists of:

Jeff Wheeler (The Kingfountain, Muirwood, and Mirrowen series), an original founder, believes the e-zine was instrumental in honing his writing skills and led to his creation of his hit Muirwood and Mirrowen series. He’s passionate about promoting other clean reads authors. Brendon Taylor was also an original founder, is a practicing attorney, and remains a huge fan of the genre. He writes more than legal contracts. The third original founder, Jeremy Whitted, has also returned to manage the editorial process and website. They have been joined by author, Charlie N. Holmberg (The Paper Magician series and Followed by Frost), marketer, Kristin Ammerman (Picture Book Summit, KidLit TV and How Does She), and editor, Wanda Zimba.

Full details, links to pre-order the first issue, and our newsletter are available on our website, WWW.DEEPMAGIC.CO (.CO not .COM)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our new Deep Magic e-zine!!! We couldn't be more delighted with the response so far. <3