Thursday, June 16, 2016

Willowkeep by Julie Daines {Blog Tour Review and Giveaway}

Willowkeep by Julie Daines
Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published June 1st 2016 by Covenant Communications 

Charlotte Darby’s ship is sinking. Penniless and alone, she is struggling to care for herself and her young sister in the harsh seaport town of Hull. But when a solicitor from London brings news that she is the heir to a vast estate in Kent, it seems her days of rough seas are over. Willowkeep is prosperous and grand, far too much for a shipping merchant’s daughter to manage, and she quickly comes to rely on the help of Henry Morland, the estate’s kind and handsome steward.

Henry has worked hard his entire life, but all the money he’s saved won’t be enough to get his father out of debtor’s prison. And Henry’s fondness for Charlotte and her sister is only another reminder of his low status and lack of money. Though he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Charlotte happy and looked after as the county’s wealthiest lady, she can never be his.

Courted by a charming man of the ton, threatened by those who want her money, and determined to keep her sister safe from the same fate that cost her the rest of her family, Charlotte must face some heartrending decisions. For no matter the size of the fortune, life—and love—are never smooth sailing.



My Review: 5 Stars

This witty, Regency romance hit the spot! I love it when a story touches on something that is real, yet not often talked about. Often times, disabilities are hidden away during this era. Charlotte is struggling to make ends meet and to care for her younger, mentally disabled sister, but a surprising twist thrusts her into wealth. Susie, the sister, is such a darling, innocent, and sweet girl and my heart nearly burst with the love and caring that Charlotte showed towards her. Charlotte is a girl with the determination to get through the toughest of situations. I loved reading her missives written to Anne Boleyn--they brought a smile to my face.

Henry is a hard-working, and sometimes jealous, fellow, but he has the best interests at heart of those around him. It's delightful to watch the way he interacts and cares for both Susie and Charlotte. You can tell a man's character by the way he treats others.

 I love droll interactions and humor and this book abounds in both. Of course, there are some serious moments, especially dealing with a threat, but the plot is very engaging and I loved it! I love that I can recommend it to readers who love a good, clean, romance with a dash of mystery and intrigue. 

Content: some moments of peril; mild romance. Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author

Julie DainesJulie Daines was born in Concord, Massachusetts, and was raised in Utah. She spent eighteen months living in London, where she studied and fell in love with English literature, sticky toffee pudding, and the mysterious guy who ran the kebab store around the corner.

She loves reading, writing, and watching movies--anything that transports her to another world. She picks Captain Wentworth over Mr. Darcy, firmly believes in second breakfast, and never leaves home without her verveine.



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Willowkeep!!

    1. You're welcome! Keep those great books coming! :)