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Her Fateful Debut by G.G. Vandagriff {Blog Tour Review and Giveaway}

Her Fateful Debut by G.G. Vandagriff
Kindle Edition
Published August 17th 2016 by Orson Whitney Press
Classic Regency romance with a dash of suspense . . .
Beautiful Miss Penelope Swinton wants to live out her life as a spinster in her beloved Northamptonshire, but with an ailing father and an entailed estate, she must come to London and enter the Marriage Mart. And if she must marry, she is determined to marry for love.
In a brief respite from the social whirl of the season, she retreats from the restrictions of the ton to sketch in the park and stumbles over a French spy. When Penelope finds her life in danger, Viscount Beau Wellingham steps up to protect her, however he has secrets of his own. Wellingham leads a clandestine life as an agent for the Foreign Office trapping spies. In defending her life, he unwittingly puts her reputation at risk.
In order to save Penelope from society’s scorn, Beau presses for a betrothal. Though she resists, he insists. Soon Beau is unable to deny the attraction he feels towards her. Before he can act on his feelings, danger rises again. This time, his life is on the line.
With a desperate spy closing in, Penelope must choose the safety of what she has always known or a chance for love. But will she be too late?  
My Review: 3.5 Stars

A lot of Regency romances follow a certain formula and this one is no exception. I love it when authors add a little extra zing to their stories to make them more original than that said formula. This one did have a spy element, but other than that, it fits right in with the genre. I wanted just a little more to make it stand apart.

Penelope (aka Penny or Pen) is a young lady who is just coming out into society. She finds herself in a compromising situation that demands a betrothal. Beau is a dandy...or is he? I enjoyed the contrasting extremes of Penelope and Beau. There are elements of peril and chemistry, which are subtle at times, but I wanted a little more of an emotional connection with these characters. I felt they lacked some depth and it was harder to connect with them on that level. The plot flows in a gentle and natural way, which makes it an enjoyable story.

This is a great read for those who love this genre and enjoy and clean tale. It doesn't take long to read and is a great break from reality. 

Content: brief reference to affair; mild romance; mild violence (not detailed). Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author:
G.G. VandagriffG.G. Vandagriff is the author of twenty-four books and is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author. The Last Waltz, the first novel in her 20th Century Historical Romance Series won the Whitney Award for Best Historical Novel in 2009. There are now two more books in that series—Exile and Defiance.
Nine of her novels are Regency romances, compared by critics to the witty novels of Georgette Heyer. She has also written a lively genealogical mystery series featuring Briggie and Alex, two whacky widows, as sleuths. Other genres she writes in include Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, and Suspense.
GG graduated from Stanford and received her master’s degree from George Washington University. She worked as an associate editor at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, an assistant treasurer in the Harvard Treasurer’s office, a bond analyst at Fidelity Investments, and an international banker for Continental Illinois National Bank (later acquired by Bank of America).
She and her husband David are the parents of three children and six grandchildren, her greatest joys in life. Her favorite novel? Jane Eyre. She also loves Florence, Sundance Resort, The Voice, hot chocolate, lilacs, and dachshunds.
Find out more about her books, download a free novella, and sign up for her newsletter at Also, be the first to know when Vandagriff’s next book is available by following her at to receive new releases and discount alerts.


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