Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Book Challenge

2017 Book Challenge

My friend, Kathy Jo, at KJ's Book Nook, and I were talking in 2016 and made a list of ideas for a book challenge that we'd both like to participate in. These are a few of the options that we came up with. If it looks like something you want to do, please feel free to join us and let me know in the comments!

1. A book by an author you have never read: Aspen Everlasting by Kathryn Cooper
2. A book with a pretty cover: Gold Rush by Jennifer Comeaux
3. A trilogy: The Rebels of Cordovia, The Highwayman of Cordovia, and The Fox of Cordovia by Linda Weaver Clarke
4. A book by your favorite author: (I can't choose a favorite, but this is one of them) A Cowboy to Keep by Karen Rock
5. A book by a friend's favorite author: (I'm choosing a book by an author of three of my friends' choosing) Cheyenne by Jennifer Peel (KJ's pick); The Rise of Miss Notley by Rachael Anderson (Kath's pick); For Love or Honor by Sarah M. Eden (Heidi's pick)
6. A book you have read before: Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson
7. A book with a billionaire in it: The Fearless Groom by Cami Checketts
8. A book with a one-word title: Heartless by Marissa Meyer
9. A book that takes place on an island: My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels
10. A book that "everyone" has read but you: Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin
11. A book with a topic you dislike: The Lady of Breken Manor by Heather B. Moore
12. A YA best seller: Matched by Ally Condie
13. A favorite book from your childhood: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss
14. A book with a bad review from a Goodreads friend: Romance With a Side of Green Chile by Marcia Lynn McClure
15. Reread a favorite book from 2016: Getting Micah Under the Mistletoe by Kimberly Krey
16. A book with a hero's/heroine's name that you love: When Fireflies Sing by Christene Houston
17. A book with your favorite color on the cover: Sophia's Leap-Year Courtship by Kristin Holt
18. A book set in a place you would like to visit: Love's Shadow by Nichole Van


  1. What a fun list! I can't wait to get started on the challenge! I WILL complete it this year! ;)

  2. Thanks for giving Gold Rush some love, Katie!! :)