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Aspen Everlasting by Kathryn Cooper {Blog Tour Review}

Aspen Everlasting by Kathryn Cooper
ebook, 220 pages
Publication: September 8, 2015 by Cedar Fort Inc

Water splashed on all sides then took control of the tires. The car swerved right toward the river.
“No. NO. NO!” I turned the wheel toward the road. It didn’t work. Fast running water pulled the car into the flooded river.

Aspen Foster thinks she’s just a normal sixteen-year-old, but when her car’s caught in a flash flood, Aspen and her sister discover the superhuman strength they never knew they had.

Soon Aspen learns she’s not normal at all. She’s an Evermortal fairy, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. But the more Aspen finds out about her family’s past, the more dangerous her future becomes.

This riveting fantasy is full of action, adventure, and romance. Suspenseful and exhilarating!


My Review: 4 Stars

Paranormal isn't my typical go-to genre, but I did enjoy this story. I thought the author did a great job of building this new world. Some books take forever to set the stage and introduce the types of characters that live in this setting, but this book is done in a way that is not only natural, but doesn't take a lot of time.

Aspen and her older brother, Ash, and younger sister, Willow, discover they have some super crazy powers after a big storm rips through their Texas town. They uncover many secrets along their journey to discovering who they really are. I enjoyed the characters and the moments of intense action and adventure, but (no surprise) the romance is my favorite. There is almost a love triangle, of sorts, that emerges, and it is necessary to propel the plot forward.

I thought the plot was interesting and I love being jerked around. The story would be smooth and calm and then some intrigue would arise. Fast-paced action/adventure would follow and I was left wondering what was lurking around the corners.

The story ends on a note where there is some resolution, but it's left open for more and I hope that more is coming. This is a great read for those who love clean paranormal. 

Content: mild romance (kissing); mild violence (some fantasy fighting, attempted kidnappings, prisoners, etc).

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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About the Author:

Kathryn  CooperI am the author of Aspen Everlasting published by Cedar Fort Publishing. I have four energetic young boys. My husband and I get some good laughs and exhaustion with their wild energy running around our home. I was born and raised in Texas. My country life gives me peace.

I hope you enjoy reading Aspen Everlasting. Visit my website to see the many books I've read. My clean teen fiction book blogging days started back in 2011. And I do occasionally read adult books too.

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