Friday, January 6, 2017

The Daring One and The Disenchanted One by Cami Checketts

I remember when I was young, I watched The Parent Trap (with Hayley Mills) over and over one summer. It was a movie that my mom watched when she was young too. I wanted to go to a summer camp and I kind of expected my church girls camp to be like the one these twins attended...but it wasn't. I wanted to make life-long friends, have wonderful crafting and outdoor experiences, and live in the "wilderness" for a summer (or at least a few weeks). When I first heard about The Billionaire Bride Pact series, I was so excited because these girls got to go to summer camp, make a pact, and now that they're all grown up, they're still friends! Although the books don't revolve around camp, they do mention it a time or two, which is good enough for me locations...did I mention romance? I'm sad this series is coming to an end. Here are the last two books, as well as a list of all the books in order:

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Summer Anderson has the perfect life--designing toys and traveling the world--until the venture capitalist company, Mumford's Sons, helps her dad sell his toy company to the highest bidder. Summer loses her designs, her job, and her lifestyle, and is forced to work for a friend in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Chance Judd, owner of Mumford's Sons, takes a mountain biking trip to Crested Butte and accidentally runs Summer off a running trail. He asks her out repeatedly, but she always has a sarcastic response ready for him. When he finally convinces her to go to dinner, he realizes that he is partly responsible for her losing her job and designs, and knows she'll hate him if she finds out the truth. He has no choice--he lies.

But how long can a secret this big stay hidden and will Summer ever forgive him when she finds out the truth?

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Marissa Yates fell in love with Byron Judd three years ago, but she caught him holding another woman and she ran. She’s built a great life for herself and has kept Byron at arm’s length, only talking to him through phone, email, or text. She knows if she sees him again, he’ll charm his way right back into her heart.Byron has no clue why Marissa ran from his life, but he does know his only chance to win her back is his brother’s wedding. His brother’s fiancée, Summer, schemes up a Lonely Billionaire Pact to help him be reunited with the only woman who has ever broken his heart. 

The Billionaire Bride Pact

The Resilient One - Amazon * Audio * Print * B&N * iTunes * Kobo * Inkterra * Scribd
The Passionate One - Amazon
The Feisty One - Amazon * Audio * Print
The Rebellious One - Amazon
The Independent One - Amazon * Audio * Print
The Adventurous One - Amazon
The Protective One - Amazon * Print
The Faithful One - Amazon * Audio * Print
The Daring One- Amazon
The Disenchanted One- Barnes & Noble * Amazon * iTunes * Kobo * Inkterra * Scribd
The Glamorous One - Coming Soon


  1. I am bummed that it's over as well! Makes me so sad! I think this year I will reread them all in order... just for fun! ;o) Hehe.