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Starting Over at Steeple Ridge by Liz Issacson {Review}

Starting Over at Steeple Ridge by Liz Issacson
ebook, 100 pages
Published March 20th 2017 by Mirror Press    

STARTING OVER AT STEEPLE RIDGE: A brand new contemporary romance novella from Liz Isaacson

Tucker Jenkins has had enough of tall buildings, traffic, and business meetings to determine the next app that will change the world. He's sold his technology firm for billions and traded it for Steeple Ridge Horse Farm in rural Vermont.

Missy Marino has worked at the boarding stable and farm since she was a teen, and she's always dreamed of owning it. But her ex-husband left her with a truckload of debt, making her fantasies of owning the farm unfulfilled.

When she meets Tucker, she starts having a new kind of fantasy—one where they work with the horses together. Tucker didn't come to the country to find a new wife, but he supposes a woman could help him start over in Steeple Ridge. Will Tucker and Missy be able to navigate the shaky ground between them to find a new beginning?

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My Review: 4 Stars

Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? Missy's bad marriage left her with too much debt to purchase the horse farm of her dreams and Tucker needs a change from the fast-pace of city life and is also starting over again--alone.

I love a book that is short and sweet, but still packs an emotional punch. Although it is short, the story takes place over a longer period of time, which makes it very believable, especially as each character works through issues and unresolved feelings.

Missy is hard-working and although she initially tries to fight the attraction she feels towards Tucker, she isn't bitter and rude. Yes, misunderstandings occur, but that only makes for some great plot twists. I love her big, loud, Italian family, especially her blunt brother. As for Tucker, he's used to climbing his way to the top and he didn't get there by loafing around. He works for what he wants. And a sweeter man can't be found. From being a gentlemanly neighbor to acting on the palpable chemistry to learning what he can to make his new adventure successful, he's a charming winner for any lady.

If you love a clean romance, you're sure to love this one, as it's a fun escape. I only wish it was longer because I wasn't ready to leave yet.

Content: mild talk of past violence; mild romance; mild Christian elements.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book, which didn't affect my thoughts in any way.*


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About the Author:

Liz IsaacsonLiz Isaacson writes inspirational romance. In her real life, she is Elana Johnson, author of several YA and adult romance novels. She is a teacher of technology and she wants to travel the world. She loves Ferrero Rocher. Sunsets are her favorite.

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