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Secret Girlfriend (RVHS Secrets #1) by Bria Quinlan {Review}

Secret Girlfriend (RVHS Secrets #1) by Bria Quinlan
Kindle Edition, 274 pages
Published October 16th 2013 by RogueGiraffe Books   


Since her mom died, Amy Whalen’s been invisible—but not in the cool, superpower kind of way. Overlooked at school and ignored at home, Amy holds tight to her few constants: running, painting, and her long-held crush on soccer god, Chris Kent. But as senior year nears, Chris doesn’t just notice her, he needs her.

Amy will agree to almost anything to be with him.

Everything is great—sort of—until Luke Parker shows up for soccer tryouts and sees through every one of Amy’s defenses. When Luke decides he wants Chris’s spot on the team and wouldn’t sneeze at the captain’s jersey either their rivalry spins out of control.

It doesn’t help that Luke also wants the girl Chris kept hidden all summer: AMY.


My Review: 4 Stars

I really, really wish there would have been a prologue or a different beginning chapter to this story because I was a little confused about Amy and Chris. Amy has been crushing on soccer sensation Chris, since fifth grade and now she's his super secret girlfriend. Well how did that happen and why? He has another public girlfriend, but it's all part of The Plan. I wanted to know how that came to be and to try and understand the reasoning behind it--why does he need her so much? 

Let's face it, Chris is a total sleezy jerk! Of course, he's talented and handsome, but he's using Amy for some reason and she's completely oblivious to it. When Luke moves in, he immediately sees what's going on and tries to help Amy, but she doesn't want to be helped. I have to say it--Luke is the best part of the story! He's Mr. Manners, kind, handsome, and a wonderful friend to Amy--he can "see" her. Amy is such an interesting mess of contradictions. At times, she's very independent, confident, and strong, but at other times, she's very weak, lacks self-esteem and seems to be very needy, almost to the point of pathetic. I think she just wants to be loved. I understand that a lot of teenagers are trying to figure out who they are and are trying to emerge into competent adults, but her extremes were very frustrating. Her mom passed away years ago, her dad is distant (pretty much non-existent), and she hardly has any friends, so she's got the reasons to be the way she is. In fact, I think the rough and tough Coach cared for her more than her own dad did. I wish I could've jumped through the pages to mother her or befriend her or something--I felt so sorry for her.

Although some things were irritating, I couldn't stop reading. My heartstrings were tugged on a little bit. I wanted to know what was going to happen; I cared about the characters; I wanted to see Amy come into her full potential; and I wanted things to resolve in a good way because who doesn't want and deserve a happy ending? A little part of me also wanted some revenge and pay-back. I thought the book was well-written and true to teenage feelings, angst, and growth. I wanted to spend a little more time in the ending, but all in all, I was satisfied.                     

Content: mild language (especially Coach); mild romance (some innuendo, implied teen sex, 

*I won a copy in a giveaway, which did not affect my opinion at all. All thoughts are my own.*


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http://amzn.to/2oPzeyv  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/secret-girlfriend-bria-quinlan/1117165001?ean=9780615901206

About the Author:

Bria QuinlanIt didn’t surprise anyone when Bria Quinlan started writing YA Rom Coms… after all, her life is a walking sitcom (minus the commercials). Plus, secretly she’s still 16 (although her license says something different). Finally putting those English Literature and Creative Writing degrees and Copy Editing cert to work, Bria’s excited to get her quirky stories on the page to share with the world (or at least a segment of it).

She’s represented by the awesomely amazing Lauren Macleod of the Clan…. Oh, wait. Of Strothman Agency.

Bria writes Romantic Comedies for teens that take hard topics and make you laugh through your tears. You can contact her at briaquinlan.com OR twitter @briaquinlan
She also writes sweet & sassy Contemporary Romances as Caitie Quinn.

A proud Golden Heart Finalist, she’s focusing on writing stories that make you laugh, make you cry and remind you that life is an adventure not to be ignored.

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