Thursday, June 1, 2017

Planet of the Red Dust by N. Tolman Rudolph {Review}

Planet of the Red Dust by N. Tolman Rudolph

Paperback, 264 pages
Publication: May 21st 2017 by WiDo Publishing

Jared Adams is the sole survivor of the space ship Wayfarer, wrecked on a dead planet, alone in this barren world. Until he sees two humans arrive at the crash site.

Aaronia, daughter of the king, and her uncle Porto are in awe of this strange man who speaks babble and yet appears God-like. He rescues her uncle from a deadly beast by throwing lightning from his hand, then takes them back to their camp in a miraculous cart that runs on its own power.

Though their languages are different, Aaronia and Jared are drawn to each other. Despite Aaronia’s pleas, her father the king is in fear of how Jared’s advanced technology might adversely affect their world. Jared is imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Aaronia must somehow prevent Jared’s execution. And the two of them must find a way to save the people of Sionon from their forced execution by a dying planet.

My Review: 4 Stars
I've always said, there's something about royalty that touches me and this story brings to life a tale like no other. When Jared crash lands on a new planet, he's not really expecting to find other humans. Aaronia and her uncle are surprised to find someone so foreign, yet his ways are necessary to help save their dying planet. 
Through the adventures of this people, the reader is told a powerful tale of survival and different, yet similar, customs that span across the universe. I loved watching strengths unfold in ways that could really benefit others, as well as seeing prophecies come to pass. There are some subtle parallels to Christian beliefs and I found myself once again wondering--is there life on other planets?
I was entertained by these characters and found the setting very interesting. I wanted to know how it would all end, although there were a few surprises. I like to be shown how relationships develop because I become very emotionally invested, but the telling way of this book was fine and felt comfortable.
Content: mild+ talk of religious matters/prophecies/Bible stories; mild romance, kissing and some innuendo.
*I received a copy from the author, which did not affect my thoughts. All opinions are my own.*
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