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Perfectly Oblivious by Robin Daniels {Review}

Perfectly Oblivious by Robin Daniels

Kindle Edition, 330 pages
Published May 31st 2017 by Bluefields Publishing 
Cameron Bates (Cam) could have almost any girl at Franklin High School…except for the one he wants. Unfortunately Bebe seems to be immune to his flirty charm and good looks, which means one of two things: a) she’s completely oblivious to how he feels, or b) she’s just not into him. If that’s the case, declaring his love would be disastrous for their friendship.

Bianca Barnes (Bebe) has a huge problem: the universe hates her. Every time she admits feelings for a boy, he ends up falling for her sweet, popular, and beautiful sister Beth. To avoid a broken heart, Bebe has sworn herself to secrecy. Nobody can know how she feels about Cam…Ever!

Neither person wants to confess their feelings, but the universe has its own plan. Out of the blue, Bebe is courted by a secret admirer. Cam has to step up his game and Bebe has to make a choice. Play it safe and accept the affections of her mystery man or challenge fate and take a chance on the boy she loves.

Content Description: This is a stand-alone YA contemporary romance with companion novels to follow. It contains minor language, innuendo, crude humor and steamy tension but is generally very clean. No sex. Recommended for ages 12 and up.
My Review: 4.5 Stars
I adored this story and was really surprised that it's a debut novel for this author. I'm going to get this out of the way from the very first, because it's my only problem with this book. I'm not a fan of swearing and thankfully the language stays mild, but it is kind of frequent at times. If that had been cut out or cut in half, I would have given it 5 stars for sure.
Bebe and Cam--best friends, fiercest competitors, and secret crushes. Bebe is a very athletic girl and she can dish the sass out when needed, especially with her cute neighbor, Cam. He's also athletic and he teases her like he's a ten-year-old, which is so sweet, but it never clues her in to his real feelings. I absolutely loved their banter--the wit, the sarcasm, and the fun drew me right into the story.
I thought Daniels captured the teen angst, teen drama, and teen insecurities perfectly. I tend to think it's the girls who are always unsure of themselves, but it can be boys too, especially when a lot is on the line. I love the secret admirer angle and how creative it is and how it stretches the characters to come into their full potential. The chemistry is perfect for high school.
My favorite things about this story are the characters and their relationships. Beth is Bebe's "twin" and they have the best sister/friend relationship ever! It makes me a little jealous that I didn't take advantage of that with my sister during high school. Not only that, but Beth is a great friend to Cam too. The teammates, friends, potential dates, etc are all fantastically well-written and done so in a way that really made them feel alive. I wanted to jump right into this book and be one of the characters. It took me back to my own teen days and I could help smiling throughout. I cannot wait to read more from this author, so I hope she keeps writing.
Content: mild, frequent language; some innuendo, kissing, talk of hooking up.
*I received a copy, which did not influence my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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