Friday, September 1, 2017

It Could Happen to Us (Magnolias and Moonshine #8) by Lucy McConnell {Review}

It Could Happen to Us (Magnolias and Moonshine #8) by Lucy McConnell
Kindle Edition, 114 pages
Published April 18th 2017 by Orchard View Publishing
An irresistible contemporary romance about a not-so-humble cop who splits his raffle ticket with an unlucky waitress and the actor who falls in love with her.

Allie Laurel Gray never wins anything. That’s why she’s shocked when a police officer returns with a winning raffle ticket to have lunch with baseball player Anthony Green and actors Mark Dubois and Beau Aikin. The prize includes a night at a hotel and since Allie’s apartment is being fumigated—again!—she agrees to go. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have lunch with three beautiful men?

Overwhelmed and a bit intimidated by the guys, Allie tries to keep a low profile. But Mark DuBois will not let her slip by unnoticed—in fact, he notices everything about her and Allie is quickly charmed by his gentle kindness.

Luck, especially Allie’s luck, can’t hold on forever and she’s soon forced to make a choice between her heart and saving Mark’s reputation so he can gain custody of his daughter.

Winning the lottery was easy compared to winning at love.
My Review: 4 Stars
Cinderella has nothing on Allie Gray. As a waitress, she receives the tip of a lifetime when she's given half of a raffle/lottery ticket that allows her to attend an event with a few celebrities. I always wonder how I would act/react to being in close company to celebrities whom I admire. I would hope that I wouldn't fangirl too hard and could be like Allie.
 Mark is a charming, swoony celebrity and it throws him off when Allie doesn't gush over him. They have an instant connection, but that doesn't mean they don't have challenges to overcome and it's easier than it should be for Allie to throw it all away for a good cause. I'm not a fan of drama, but I'm a big believer that the best things in life require effort, so I like to see characters have to work for what they want because it means it's worthwhile.
I love a cute, swoony story and this one delivers. In my perfect world, everyone would be nice and sweet, but it's always good to have a villain and again, this one delivers. This book is really a lot of fun.

Content: mild romance


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