Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Mafia's Secret by Kimberley Montpetit {Review}

The Mafia's Secret: A Secret Billionaire Romance
by Kimberley Montpetit
Kindle Edition, 240 pages
Published September 3rd 2017 by Spellbound Books

Love can be a killer. When the Mafia descends on Anna's hometown, she's torn between a summer romance and running for her life.

Anna Hamilton drops out of grad school to go back home to small-town Hartland Cove because she’s dead broke and her widowed father has received a devastating diagnosis. Working as a tour guide for the whale ship, Jewel of the Ocean, is the perfect job for a girl with a degree in marine biology, but at this rate, she’ll never get back to finishing her PhD.

Meanwhile, socialite Elise Kensington, Anna's best friend from college, begs Anna to find her a job where she can hide off the grid. Turns out Elise’s fiancĂ© is an heir to the Mafia but wants no part of the family “business”. The plan is to run-away and elope, before they find themselves the victims of an “accidental” death.

Anna’s summer becomes a matter of life or death—and romance—when her hometown is filled with sightings of gorgeous Hollywood scouts, Mafia heirs on the run, and strangers with amnesia. Unwittingly, Anna finds herself attracted to the bachelors—including Chad Garrett, the boy next door, who has suddenly gone from skinny teen to model gorgeous.

Can Anna stay alive long enough to figure out the right man for her, or will she be snuffed out by The Mafia, too?

If you like characters with secrets and second chance love stories, then you’ll love THE MAFIA'S SECRET, the third title in the Secret Billionaire Romance Series.


My Review: 4 Stars

I really enjoyed the Canadian setting with this story, especially as it's also set out in the country. I love the small town, simple feel. The marine setting, with the whales and dolphins is very fresh and invigorating.

I loved the quirky characters and the extreme polar opposites that they tended to be. Anna and her friendship with the outlandish Elise is a perfect example of the eccentric relationships. That girl (Elise) left my head spinning at times. There are some new folks in town who are sort of mysterious, but don't worry--these "extra" characters that show up aren't really out of place, since the summer season does bring tourists. I have to add that I loved the bond that Anna and her dad share.

As for the romance, I was a little confused at times and was definitely kept guessing where things would go. First, we have Chad, Anna's childhood neighbor. Although the two haven't talked for years, there is a spark there (at least on his part), but Anna has another interest--a mystery new man, and she has to make up her mind. The romance was not at all what I was expecting it to be and it really caught me off guard, especially when it got a little awkward there for a minute.

What really drew me into the story was the action. Elise and her fiance are running from his mafia family and decide to hide out in this small town under pseudo names. While the suspense and action are engaging, it's also slightly over the top...but fun...and exciting. For me, this isn't a "sitting on the edge of my seat" kind of story, but it's very entertaining and left me anticipating the outcome, especially with all that was going on, which really is a lot.

Content: mild violence; mild romance.


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