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Finding the Truth in Christmas Falls by Danielle Stewart {Review}

Finding the Truth in Christmas Falls (Return to Christmas Falls * Book 7) by Danielle Stewart
Kindle Edition, 133 pages
Published October 23rd 2017            

Olivia Mackey spent her whole life hearing how she was destined for bigger and better places than Christmas Falls, Tennessee. A regular on the beauty queen scene from a very young age, she learned from her stage mom, that appearances mean everything. Having spent the years after high school traveling the world and failing at the dream everyone told her she should have, she's back home and wondering what she's to do next.
Nothing is where she left it. Friends have scattered, her mentor is ill, and Olivia is fumbling her way through a big life in a small town.
Tim Avondale and his young daughter showed up in Christmas Falls one evening looking for a fresh start. Buying the Sleepy Hound Bookstore seemed the perfect opportunity. Life had gone so wrong and now here in this quiet town he could keep anything bad from happening to his daughter again.
When the two cross paths Olivia and Tim find an instant connection. A tug toward each other they don't want to ignore. The problem is, in the process they are being tugged away from all the things they thought were important in their lives. He can't hide out from real life forever. She is more than just what people see on the surface. But when they're forced to decide will they choose to be better together or safer apart?

Seven fabulous authors bring you this holiday romance series about a group of special friends returning to their hometown at the request of their high school mentor. Each book is a standalone, but read them all to fully enjoy the journey of these remarkable women and their emotional reunion with their mentor, an incredible woman who changes their lives and helps save a small town community forever.

Book 1: Homecoming in Christmas Falls by Ciara Knight

Book 2: Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls by Jennifer Peel

Book 3: Once Again in Christmas Falls by Becky Monson

Book 4: Rumor has it in Christmas Falls by Melinda Curtis

Book 5: Forever Yours in Christmas Falls by Susan Hatler

Book 6: Love Notes in Christmas Falls by Beth Labonte

Book 7: Finding the Truth in Christmas Falls by Danielle Stewart


My Review: 5 Stars

I find it interesting to really get to know a character, especially one like Olivia, who seems to have it all. Practically forced into a glamorous career, Olivia is down on her luck and back in her small hometown to start over. Just because she has an immediate connection with newcomer, Tim, doesn't mean the road to a new life will be easy.

There are times when I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at the thoughts that popped out of Olivia's mouth. Yes, she's struggling to find herself, but she's very lovable and sweet, always wanting to help out. I absolutely loved watching her find her own two feet to stand on. Characters who have room to grow really warm my heart and soul and I really found this in Olivia. 

Of course, Tim is a great father and I love that he packed up and bought a bookstore in the small town where he ended up. He's such a comforting figure, even if he is a bit of a loner. His fierce protectiveness is very endearing and his daughter, Cora, is adorable.

I love a story that can sweep me right into its pages and I felt right at home with these people in this charming little town. I love how things are wrapped up in the epilogue, tying the whole series together. This is definitely one worth picking up this holiday season.

Content: mild romance; mild language

*I received a copy, which didn't affect my thoughts and opinions in any way.*


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