Thursday, November 16, 2017

Just Maybe (Home In You #3) by Crystal Walton {Review}

Just Maybe by Crystal Walton
Kindle Edition, 310 pages
Published October 11th 2017 by Impact Editions, LLC
When a case of mistaken identity spirals into a more-than-complicated pretend relationship, an adventure seeker and a grammar fanatic just might’ve met each other’s match.

Three weeks. That’s all the time self-made billionaire Cooper Anderson has to respond to discovering he’s a single dad, sell his lake house, and catch a one-way ticket across the world. The quick-witted nanny responding to his ad couldn’t be more of a life saver … and maybe a nice distraction. Until the secrets she’s hiding get a little too close to exposing his own.

The one lead guaranteeing Quinn Thompson a promotion just has to land her back in her hometown to finagle an interview out of Mr. Elusive, of all people. But she can hack it, right? Even while mistaken for the nanny, she can keep things quick and professional. No running into her embarrassing southern family, no stirring up the wounds that’d sent her packing four years ago, and definitely no melting over a stockbroker’s unfair dimples and boyish charm.

Why, oh, why doesn’t anything ever go according to plan?

With both their deadlines closing in before they’re ready, Quinn and Cooper must decide whether the life they’re set on pursuing alone is worth more than the one they could be missing together.

***Each book in the Home In You Series is a standalone and can be read separately. But I recommend reading the books in order if you want to follow the overall timeline:

Still Falling - A Prequel
Write Me Home - Book One
Begin Again - Book Two
Just Maybe - Book Three

My Review: 5 Stars

Ooh, I love me a story with a good case of mistaken identity and this one is classic, because not only does Cooper think Quinn is applying to be a nanny, but they somehow find themselves in a relationship of convenience, which makes everything just a little more interesting. And by interesting, I mean the sparks are snapping between the two of them and when you add that to an adorable baby boy, a crazy Southern family, and situations that leave a grin plastered to your face, you get an adorable story.

Life doesn't always go the way a person has it mapped out and sometimes that's a good thing, but both Quinn and Cooper are wrestling with choices and life paths that could have lasting consequences and I loved watching it all unfold. These are such great characters with strengths and weakness, learning to navigate life and responsibility.

There's a little bit of everything in this book--conflict, drama, and romance, to name a few--but it's a perfect recipe of success and I loved every minute of it.

Content: mild romance

*I received a copy to review, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions.*


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