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Jessica & James: A Love Story by Kimberley Montpetit {Review}

Jessica & James: A Love Story 
by Kimberley Montpetit
Kindle Edition, 303 pages
Published December 17th 2017

JESSICA & JAMES: A LOVE STORY is a boxed collection of two romances set in Snow Valley, Montana; Risking it all for Love and Sealed with a Kiss—the story of world-renowned ballerina Jessica Mason and James Douglas.

This boxed collection includes a Brand New Bonus Wedding Chapter! Newly revised, new material, and all new title and cover.

You will love the saga of ballerina Jessica and the sparks that fly between her and James Douglas, the new pastor in town.

Can Jessica forgive herself for that fateful night when Michael, her childhood love was killed in a car accident? She can't, until she meets James Douglas who is unlike any minister-in-training she’s ever met. James can not only dish back Jessica’s finely tuned sarcasm but understands grief all too well, turning Jessica’s world upside down. Is she ready to take another risk on love?

When April Murphy, a war widow with a young daughter, shows up in Snow Valley, James reluctantly begins to wonder if he and Jessica who is now dancing with a premiere ballet company in New Orleans almost two thousand miles away, are really meant to be. April would make the perfect pastor’s wife and he’d have an instant family and the stability he craves.

But Pastor James can’t get the spitfire Jessica out of his mind and when she returns to Snow Valley to accept an inheritance, her male ballet partner in tow, their love takes on a new edge. 


My Review: 5 Stars

I love a story with very different characters. Jessica is sarcastic, hardened through life experience, and very dedicated. She's lost her faith and on paper, really wouldn't make a great pastor's wife, but a run-in while back in her hometown throws her into the path of new pastor, James, and the sparks ignite from the first meeting. James is very compassionate, patient, and human, but they are definitely an "opposites attract" kind of connection.

Reading these stories together, with the bonus chapter, was so much fun. I loved seeing the progress and growth in a solid reading, because it was very apparent and really captured my heart, especially as they each try to figure out what they truly want from life and their relationship. They both have histories to move past and the journey was definitely a touching one.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again--I LOVE and adore Snow Valley and it's inhabitants. I loved visiting once again and my time there was well spent. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to a wonderful stay.

Content: mild romance (kissing); very mild language

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  1. I love this author's YA books and have wanted to try her adult books for quite awhile now. Thanks for the review!