Friday, January 26, 2018

The Duke's Marriage Mission by Deborah Hale {Book Spotlight}

The Duke's Marriage Mission
(The Glass Slipper Chronicles #3)
by Deborah Hale
Irrepressible Leah Shaw arrives at Renforth Abbey to teach the Duke of Northam’s invalid son for one year, the longest she ever stays in one position. At first His Grace, Hayden Latimer does not want Leah to stay for a single day, let alone a year. He fears she will endanger the boy by allowing him too much freedom. But when Kit grows healthier and happier thanks to Leah’s care, Hayden changes his mind and desperately seeks a way to keep her at Renforth Abbey. Marriage might be a solution, but Leah is not tempted by the duke’s title or fortune. Her hard-won independence means more to her than anything…except perhaps love? Leah fears her heart may be entrapped by her growing feelings for Hayden and Kit. Or will she be free to love at last?

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