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A Night in Grosvenor Square {Review}

A Night in Grosvenor Square (Timeless Regency Collection) by Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, and Heather B. Moore
Kindle Edition, 380 pages
Published January 23rd 2018 by Mirror Press

Matchmaker Adelaide Northrop may be embarking on her greatest challenge yet. Miss Odette Armistead has been dubbed “Princess Pompous” by Society’s elite, and Odette’s parents are desperate to see her married off to a respectable gentleman. When Adelaide first meets Odette, she is expecting a young lady who fits the pompous description. Instead, Adelaide discovers that Odette is far from conceited, but has chosen to wear a mask in a desperate attempt to hide her love for a gentleman who has been chosen for someone else. It seems that Adelaide has far more than matchmaking to accomplish.

Anne Preston dreams of opening her own dessert shop some day and saves every spare penny she earns working at Gunter’s Tea Shop. She makes ice cream molds to perfection, bakes and decorates cakes, and hopes to one day be an independent shop owner. When an American man orders an ice, Anne is immediately taken with Davis Whitledge, but he is far above her station in life, so she tries to forget about his cordiality. Soon, she finds herself in a dangerous situation when confronted by two troublemakers, and Davis happens to be nearby. He sends the scoundrels on their way, but this only makes Anne more of a target. He doesn’t understand London ways, and his generosity has the potential to steal Anne’s dreams, or to make them soar.

LITTLE LONDON by Heather B. Moore
Ellen Humphreys has never had a Season, has never danced the waltz, and will likely never do so while confined to watching over her ill mother at their country estate. Therefore, Ellen creates her own Little London, and imagines all the gentleman she’d dance with and all of the friendships she’d have with other young ladies, if only she were allowed to have a Season. When Quinn Edwards, Marquess of Kenworth, comes upon her quite by happenstance while Ellen is imagining herself in a London ballroom, she is mortified about her playacting. But a chain of events is set off from this one meeting that has Ellen questioning if her reputation would ever survive a Season or another encounter with the marquess.
My Review: 5 Stars

Each one of these stories is utterly delightful! The common factor is Grosvenor Square--a very prestigious area of London. I think what really charmed me is how each story told a different angle of people living in these times and how they would relate to this place.

A MATCH FOR PRINCESS POMPOUS gave the reader a tale of a secret. "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match..." I haven't really read a story where a matchmaker is employed and wow, is she good at what she does. I loved the secret and although the way it came about is a little heartbreaking, it definitely provides some great entertainment.

CONFECTIONS AND PRETENSE is all about one of my favorite treats--ice cream. A working-class girl, an American, and delicious descriptions of unique flavors of this creamy treat all added up to an endearing story. Anne is a darling and Davis is swoon-worthy.

What do you do if you aren't allowed to socialize? Why, you come up with your own LITTLE LONDON. Ellen and Quinn's story is the icing on the cake of this wonderful collection. I loved the little descriptions of society and the way the little character variances and preferences added some chemistry, especially when some backbones were grown.

I loved my time spent in Grosvenor Square and each offering really encompassed a wide range of situations and people. This is another great book by these beloved authors.

Content: mild romance; mild violence (Confections and Pretense).

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions*


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