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Celebrity Superhero (A K-pop Romance) by Jennie Bennett {Review}

Celebrity Superhero (A K-Pop Romance Book)
by Jennie Bennett 
Paperback, 176 pages
Published July 7th 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


When Anna Eom isn’t reading fantasy novels, she’s obsessing over her favorite K-pop group, SUPER. Each boy in the group has a different superpower, but Sungwook stands out from the crowd with his super-speed and super-strength, not to mention his super-hotness.

The day that SUPER’s latest music video drops, Anna’s mom does the worst thing imaginable and cuts the wi-fi to make her clean house instead. All because some old family friends are visiting them from Korea. Not only are the almost-strangers cutting her time short with her favorite K-pop group, but she knows she’s going to be thrown together with a boy she only remembers as a bully.

Caleb might be her age, but the last time she saw him ten years ago he stole her precious Disney princess necklace. What’s worse is Anna’s mom has threatened to clear her bookshelves if she doesn’t greet the old friends at the door with a fragile vase as a gift.

Anna complies, planning on getting back to her books as soon as she can, but when her parents open the door it’s not Caleb standing on the other side, but Sungwook from SUPER. Judging by the way he caught the vase she dropped with lighting speed, his super-powers might not be fiction.

My Review: 4 Stars

Anyone who knows me know that I love a fun celebrity romance. This one is definitely unique with the whole K-pop thing. Actually, this is a fun twist in and of itself because I've been hearing a ton about K-pop with the Olympics going on. For anyone who doesn't know what K-pop is, it's short for Korean pop. It's a fun blend of addictive tunes, fun choreography, and is pretty much global, even if you don't understand the words. Picture boy bands, girl groups--good looking people singing and dancing and having fun with fluffy pop music.

Anna is Korean and has lived her whole life in Oregon, but she's K-pop obsessed, especially with the group SUPER. Imagine her surprise when one of the band members turns out to be her old childhood friend, back for a visit with his parents.

Anna is hilarious and so are the misunderstandings involving her! Her vivid imagination kept me smiling. She's feisty, snarky, yet sweet, all wrapped up in a small package. Her obsessions are easy to relate to, but she's got her head in the clouds. Caleb is an enigma and his secret nearly drove me crazy, as the reader isn't privy to that until Anna is. I had no idea what craziness he was mixed up in.
The romance had me baffled. With a possible love-triangle, I felt a little like a yo-yo, trying to decide if it was happening or not and with whom. I was caught by surprise at the suddenness of the decision that was finally made.

Although slightly unrealistic, this story was a lot of fun and highly entertaining. I'll be looking for more by this new-to-me author.

Content: mild romance; mild violence

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions*


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