Sunday, February 11, 2018

Swoony Awards Hosts

We are SO excited for the 2018 Swoony Awards! We have a feeling this is going to be the best year ever!

Since we're starting a new year and getting a lot of new voters, we thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about us.

We all met on Goodreads and became instant friends! Not a day goes by that we don't have some kind of contact with each other. Sometimes it's just a quick hi, how's everyone doing? And others it's hours and hours of books, life, laughter, fun and occasionally tears. We feel like we have known each other forever! We all feel very blessed that we have found each other. Life just wouldn't be complete with out these amazing ladies in our lives!

And now.. without further adieu... we introduce.... US!

Kathy (Bookworm Nation) 

I joined the book blogging world ten years ago this summer! July of 2008 I made my first post on Bookworm Nation, with the review of Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn (a super book, btw). The past ten years have been great. I still love reviewing books, meeting fellow bookworms and getting to know authors. I used to just review books that I happened to be reading, and then I discovered the wonderful, beautiful thing called the ARC. Advanced Readers Copy. Every bookworm’s dream, getting to read books *before* they’re published. Hello! Sign me up.

Soon after I discovered the amazing site, Goodreads. Holy cow, do I love Goodreads. It combines my love of books and list making and it is my happy place. I’ve met some amazing people through Goodreads. While I still love my blog, I really love the convenience of Goodreads and all the other options on there, like Groups! It was so fun creating the Happily Ever After Book Club (which now has over 650 members), what a great place to share and discuss books. I love their poll options too, I would probably do a poll every day if I didn’t think it would drive people crazy. Another fun Goodreads feature is Lists. I’ve created a few Lists on Goodreads, which gave me the idea of hosting an award via Lists. So, in 2014 the Swoony Awards were born, and had waaay more participating than I was anticipating. I was SO excited to see so many people getting involved. I love the Swoonys! I think it takes my love of books to another level. I love sharing the books I love with others and introducing people to new authors, etc.

So yeah, reading and books are a favorite hobby of mine. I also try and squeeze in time for my family...three boys, one girl and one hubby.

Contact Info for Kathy:
Twitter: @bookwormnation
Instagram: bookwormnationblog

Kathy Jo (KJ's Book Nook)

This may come as a shocker but I have NOT always been a little bookworm. In fact, growing up I was not the kid you saw jumping at the chance to read. I was the one that just did it to make my teachers happy. That silent reading time during school?! Yeah.. I was the kid napping! ;)

In 2002 someone handed me a book and told me that I just HAD to read it! I took it just to get them off my back and much to my surprise I could NOT put it down! And from then on I would read... but only that one author. I refused to read anything else! It wasn't until 2009 when 2 of my favorite people introduced me to the Twilight Series that I actually started branching out. And ever since then I haven't been able to STOP reading! ;)

In July of 2014 I decided to start a book blog and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I get to be another voice for all the amazing authors that I adore! Reading has become my break from reality and I love it! My reading choices vary. I love a lot of different genres. With that said, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a romantic and I love fluff! As long as it has a HEA, I'll definitely give it a try! Any book that gives me an escape and puts a smile on my face is definitely a book for me! ♥

Contact Info for Kathy Jo:
Twitter: @kjincali
Instagram: kjsbooknook

Katie (Katie's Clean Book Collection)

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember! I didn't have a local library near me while growing up--we had a book mobile and our school libraries. I would often check out a book and read it on the bus, finishing the whole thing by the end of the night. Just one more chapter...

I was in 6th grade when I discovered the Sunfire Romance series and that's all it took for me to be totally hooked on clean romance.

I started blogging in April 2013 and have been exposed to so many wonderful books, series, and authors through that experience. As an added bonus, I have made some fantastic, life-long friends. I love reading, reviewing, and promoting clean books and the authors who write them.

Aside from reading, I love spending time with my family (a husband, two boys and two girls, a dog, and a cat), running, and traveling, especially if a beach is involved.

Contact Info for Katie:
Twitter: @lilacqueen75
Instagram: lilacqueen75

And just in case you're wondering, here are all the ways to stay updated on all things Swoony! 

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